wiz khalifa

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  1. top 5 fav wiz songs? ill be back to post mine soon
  2. I liked his first couple albums and mixtapes after that he got too poppy for me.
  3. it's nothing
    and that all i like
    so far
  4. they are all tied as my least favorite
  5. never heard of Wiz Khalifa on this site. ever.
  6. I think it was called "Brown and Purple"
  7. used to love him, talking about 6 month ago, listened to him non-stop...now, i don't know..it seems all the 14 year old hipsters are 'into him'..so I've went off him, most of his lines are also all the same 'weed n bitches weed n bitches hoes n more weed n bitches n a bong'
  8. I like still blazin. and the statement I think its called. Those are probably the only two songs I would actually put on myself. There are a few others I would be fine with listening to in a car or something though. Like the party all night one and the so what we smoke weed so what we get drunk. Other than that though, not much.

  9. spoken like a true hipsterrrr


    just kidding

    really though

  10. lol. please don't call me that haha.
    i'm just saying, someone showed me him...i started off by listening to 'rolling papers', loved it..but as I listened to more and more stuff..I realised how all of his songs sound the same, every lyric is about weed...you start to realise that his fans are all young teenagers that think it's cool to smoke 'OG KUSH 247 LIFESTYLE YO'
  11. Prince of the City, Prince of the City 2, Burn After Rolling, How Fly, KushxOJ, Cabin Fever had some good tracks and Highschool was dope.

    A lot more than 5 tracks but wiz made a lot more than 5 great songs.
  12. Lol, he's been my Avi for 3 years and I kind of forgot.
  13. I like his first mixtapes and albums...
    But now it just seems to me like he's almost singing

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