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  1. day after 420, today. i was chillen with my friends...went to meet them on some dirt roads behind our town, call friend says cops are there...so im jut chillen, i get the call that they left so i go down. they made up put out the fire that we had going and its be chill to kick it there, its sick we call it the g-spot. Anywyas, then i down some grain and powerade, decide to drive to friends house for beer pong...lol parents home and they know were there to drink, like 6 of us roll in and thier like hey?. so we go out back in this like guest pool house thing, this kid is crazy rich, fuckin plasma screens n shit in there. were playin, and hes parents are like you cant drink here, your underaged...but we already hsad two kis on a packie run, that failed...so my frind, the oine with the house...is like fuck it, and we go out back and were smokin n shit and drinkin and he keeps arguiing with his parents, we eventually had to leave and we go back to the gspot, to smoke and drink...and then went drivin aroujnd this big ass crop feild in my car lookin for the road....im still fucked up, and i amunsure if that was at all cohearent, i think it is, or intersting...probably not interesting
  2. yeah i understood most of it man

    sucks you had to leave the poolhouse, sounds kickass there. I got a little spot me and my buddies go in the hills around here, no interference from anyone but other stoners, such a glorious spot
  3. lol whatttreee you talkinngg about
  4. for real!
    i know youre fucked up, but try the spell check button next time mike. roflol!

  5. I thought you were only interested in 'adult' posters...? Why waste your time on posts like this? :confused:

  6. most of its spelled right, take your siniscism somewhere else
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  7. like i said before mike, try the spellcheck. sinicism? how about cynicism. duh!
  8. screw those dudes mike, i understood what you were talking about, they are just being assholes

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