witnessed dealer busted :(

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  1. so this is some time in august, and i was smoking my mini roor with my girlfriend at my friend B's house... i had plenty of weed cause i was working as a lifeguard full time during the summer making 11 an hour so i always made sure i had nuggets.... he calls up our regular dealer and asks him for a quarter... the regular dealer had been keeping his shit at B's house for a while but about 3 weeks prior he began taking it with him cause he thought my friend A was skimping it, which we found out he was

    anyway we call up our dealer and he says yeah ill be by in 10 minutes

    so im sitting there with B and my girlfriend just playing cards waitiing for this kid to come, i start hitting my new ash cather that i had bought that day.... i was in the midst of a diesal hit and i just see on the wall a flash of blue and red light!

    i obviously coughed up a fucking storm and we look out side, and our dealer had gotten pulled over, IN B'S DRIVEWAY...

    B starts flipping a shit cause he knows that our dealer has trees on him, and he had about 15 plants that were just starting out in the back... he starts hiding pieces in the stupidest places and ends up accidently killing 4 plants while trying to hide them....

    one of the cops actually came up to the house, because the door was open but there was still a screen/glass door and shined his flashlight around and luckily we were so paranoid that we were already hiding...

    so after about an hour and a half we see orange lights.... so he gets arrested and has to have his car towed away for the night!

    worst part of it is that this kid had about 600$ in a rubberband that was near the weed, and he had a quap and an ounce of bagged out shit.. AND hes on probation for getting caught with an ounce in school


    fast forward about 3-4 weeks.... our regualr dealer obviously doesnt sell anymore after he gets caught the second time... he "over sleeps" his trial date and it gets re schedauled.... i started picking up from my other dealer, we'll call him F. i work with F and things starte getting really sketchy with him

    about 3 weeks after my dealer gets caught, the cops are on F's ass like crazy... he gets pulled over 3 times in 2 days and luckily has no pot on him... he gets pulled over like a week later has a half on him and gets fucked....

    weird thing about it it was literally across the street from my girlfriends house, and i saw it happen cause i was picking up my girlfriend

    so ive witnessed both my dealers get busted

    dealer 1 ends up not even going to court and all he gets is community service... dealer 1 knew that F was the kid id call whenever i needed so im thinking that he got fucked, they offered him a deal to squeal, and he snitched out F

    but shit i lost 2 dealers within 3 weeks and i witnessed both of them getting clipped

    shit sucked haha but it didnt happen to me so idc
  2. Sound like some pretty inept cops.

    They caught the guy with money/weed pulling out of your driveway and didn't even make an attempt to question you guys?

  3. he got pulled over in front of the B's house and he pulled into the driveway.... he lives like 15 minutes away and B's house was kind of like a safe house so he kept the shit there for a while BUT he had decided to take it with him and keep it him self for a few weeks, so when we called him to drop off he brought all his shit and the cop pulled him over for a busted taillight when it was only liek a chip broken off....

    he told us that after he got pulled over in the driveway he told the cops he didnt know whos house it was he just pulled over into the closest driveway
  4. mthrfckn po-pos
  5. FTP also you better not have a white lighter. And did they have a white lighter?
  6. sounds like you have some stupid dealers
  7. i defiantly wouldnt call them stupid... maybe guy 1 for still selling after gettin caught a first time... but u gotta eat.. cops suck no matter how on-top of your shit u think u are you could get fucked up the ass by the long dick of the law ne given day.. its not right...sorry for the superbad reference
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    this has to be one of the dumbest things ive ever seen on GC

    by the way about this whole story. ur pretty damn lucky im getting tired of these

    "oh my god my parents caught me smoking" things and the cops are no fun at all.
  9. yeah it was pretty fucking shitty.... went without a dealer for like 2 days then called up one of my old boys who happened to be selling a decent amount so i was straight after that haha.... but i seriously think dealer 1 ratted out dealer 2... .dealer 1 got away with "community service" with a quap after having an UP and being on probation.... everyones willing to fuck someone else over for themselves now adays
  10. If the first dealer got caught and it was his second time getting in trouble, and he had all that shit bagged out then he definately ratted out the other dealer. Cops will always be willing to try and cut a deal if they give someone else up. Plus your not gonna just get community service for getting caught selling on probation.
  11. Nope, sounds like a pretty good friend [the dealer that was caught]. He kept his mouth shut and didn't panic. The cops most likely wanted to know why he pulled into that drive way, but they had no reason to go in the house b/c the dealer did not live there. Just my opinion.

  12. he snitched on my main guy lol
  13. that sucks dude, and i know what you're saying about people ratting each other out. my friend just got caught by the cops with 26 grams of shrooms on him. he was going to sell to another friend, and the buyer is now testifying against the dealer in court..

  14. yeah everyone is willing to sell eachother out
  15. You have to be careful if you want to deal.
  16. people these days have no loyalty to the dealers that sell to them
  17. wow this guy brings trouble around him
  18. That's really sad. It's true. I personally would keep my mouth shut completely if anything ever happened. I know some people that went down and they gave names. Nothing good comes of giving names. It makes me really sad not knowing who you can truely trust these days. I mean if your friend got caught, he wouldn't give your name.... or would he?
  19. Sounds like you live in shady neighborhoods... police are rarely ever in my neighborhood.
  20. yeah well what can u do i mean i would never squeal and wen i got busted 2 years ago i owned up to my shit and didnt say shit about my friends..... cops are snakes they just want to know where the next guy is and its so bullshit

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