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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bradl33t, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. So I've been smoking pretty much every day for the past five years taking occasional breaks and what not for a week or a few days. I even took a year off for my job. But this past year has been filled to the top with smoke. I haven't smoked in 24 hours and I'm starting to have terrible anxiety and nausea and terrible headaches that last hours. Anyone else feel this way when they run out of weed and can't smoke for a few days? I mean seriously this is extreme feeling
  2. Lol you'll be good bro its just a rough patch. When ever you pick up that first hit is going to be so nice
  3. It's in your head.
  4. Easy to say that, but no.
  5. well, i mean it IS just in your head. unless your body becomes physically dependent (which it wont for weed) all addiction is in your head.

    just gotta deal with it. its weed dude, pull yourself together lol.
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  6. your fine LOL

    Being in GRASSCITYFORUMS wont help either.. keep your mind busy,excercise.

    mary jane will find you
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  7. I'd say minor nausea, lack of appetite and sleeplessness are physical effects. I do feel a bit queasy on and off when ceasing toking for the first few days. I cant't eat well or sleep well either. After 2-3 days all is normal though.

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  8. people like u make me laugh. ANYTHING u do on a consistent day in and day out basis will cause withdrawals if you abruptly stop. Why people think that weed is exempt is quite fascinating. OP it'll get better, I normally get mad shits and don't eat normally for a few days but it passes. Just stay hydrated and keep yourself occupied

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  9. itll only last 3-4 days nd ull be back to normal after. i normally get crazy dreams have no appetite get diareaha and cant sleep. the no appetite leads to puking since i will barely eat a few bites for those 3-4 days.
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  10. you stop your daily vitamin regimen nothing happens. what im saying is there isnt a physical dependency that can develop like with heroin,alcohol,benzos, or barbs.

    you stop heroin youre in pain because you have no endorphins because the daily heroin stopped their production. weed wont do anything like that
  11. Everything sux without being high!! When I run out of bud ohh It's on like donkey kong with my girlfriend as in arguing . But no appetite no tv no games til I'm packing a bowl ;)

  12. I don't have the time or the patience to try and explain this to you. Good day

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    I tend to get cranky, can't sleep, and have absolutely zero appetite when I quit after lots of daily toking. Have to force myself to try to eat something and two bites in I'm like "fuck this, this is gross". :p
    It'll pass though, maybe pop some tums and some motrin if you need it and try to keep yourself occupied. Exercise can help, doing some cardio definitely makes me feel a little high sometimes. ;)
  14. lmao, read a book.
  15. And I don't know why people always have to play the "it's all in your head" card every time someone starts talking about having any sort of withdrawal symptoms. 
    Anxiety in general is "all in your head", but telling that to someone with an anxiety disorder isn't going to do jack shit. Just because the addiction isn't physical doesn't mean you can just will away any symptoms. 
    ignorance makes me wait, it doesn' pay attention;
    habit =/= addiction
    addictions require a physical dependency
    pot has no compound in its makeup that creates a physical dependency
    pot is not addictive
    little baby not getting his favorite blanky and getting all cranky because baby can't have what baby likes, is not a sign of addiction
    pot can be habitual
    habitual =/= addiction
    habits are willful choices you make.
    fallacies are used to blur the terms habit and addiction, used by those that make bank off the misnomers and fallacies employed to sucker people into thinking that their willful choices are some objects fault...quacks pander to weak willed people and make bank by convincing them they can blame anything but themselves for their matter how sick twisted and perverted they may be the choice isn't their's the <insert object>'s fault
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    How does any of this help OP? :confused_2: 
    You just love putting people down don't ya. You sir, should change your name to Sargent Buzzkill.
    tough love approach is how I think of it. get them to face up to it being all in their head, that they abused and depended on pot like using a crutch for a stubbed toe from last year. they don't need it, they just prefer it and got used to it being there.
  20. didn't read one word of that it was long and I'm sure very boring and scripted like a lot of the bs you post in these forms. To think that it's impossible for 1 person outta the billions that are walking the planet to have a few withdrawal symptoms from stopping smoking abruptly is about as ignorant as u can get

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