With so many other subject forums does this mean...

Discussion in 'General' started by Deutschbag, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. the end of general as we know it?

    Surely the mods can't move every thread that gets started
  2. NO! general section NEEDS to stay or i might as well leave.
  3. What happened to the formating...
  4. Everythings getting spread too far apart

    The city is losing its home like feeling
  5. I agree, there's too many sub-areas. The general thread won't be nearly as fun anymore.
  6. Yeah the social features are bomb but the sub-forum management isn't as great
  7. wow, there seems to be a general consensus of chaos because of the changes.
  8. im with bleezie on this one, general is pretty much home, there is no way they can get rid of it, the other things should just clear it out, so we can re-fill it with other mindless general topics.:)

  9. Makes me think of what will happen once Obama gets elected. J/K :D
  10. After reading all these things, and agreeing with them, I just noticed the post layout is different. The join date, location, post count, and rep are above and to the right now. I don't like this... lol.
  11. genral is going nowwher, and change is good, remember that :)

    i try to get all people happy here, some people want subforums, some people don't , with so many members coming in ,I'm trying to get things somehat orgnaized in here, categorization is one of them. We haven't had such a major upgrade in long time, but i hope you will get used to it and will be enjoying it in the end.



  12. it's a bug not a feature, it will be fixed tomoorw, i don'ty like it either, let that be of some sort of comfort for you ;-)

  13. I highly doubt that the general section will die.
    this is where the parties at
  14. i like all the stuff on top. it's a nice change
  15. Sweet, glad I'm not the only one who found it unpleasant to the eyes.
  16. I'm scared of change :eek:
  17. i really dont mind the sub forums.. but too many could get annoying. thank god thats just a bug, i would go crazy.
  18. I don't like new changes. It looks like something that never had to occur. Sub-entertainment topics? What the hell...

    If things stay like this I will visit the site less...it is just getting more complicated and more of a hassle just to talk.

    Although I am glad the user name thing is a bug...phew.

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