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Witch grinder should i buy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by YoShytsWeak, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I been doing some research and I still cant decide what i want, i hear space case are the best but sharpstones are close behind, now I'm hearing about mana P's grinders???

    Those seem 2 expensive but whats your guys take? Trying 2 make a decision by tomorrow
  2. the normal plastic grinders about £2.50 are the best ones i have ever used, been using them for over 3 years and never let me down once, does the job just fine.
  3. Those usually break on me, the teeth anyways, besides i want something thats gonna collect a shit load of kiefe
  4. watch out for those witch grinders, magic and shit going off..

    I have a sharpstone and its by far the best i have had. plastic, wood, and cheap metal ones all suck. They always break on me.
  5. My experience with wood has been pretty bad(never tried plastic). In regards to metal grinders there is obviously a huge price range but I found one called a "Chromium Crusher" on ebay a few years back(it looks like they're still available based on a quick search).

    It was $15 shipped and it's the best metal grinder I've ever had. Just as good if not better than grinders I've seen for $50-60. It also collects a shitload of kief so for the quality and price it's a great deal.
  6. get a Mendo Muncher.

    i have a sharpstone & love it.
    i had a space case & loved it.

    regardless, any one of the three, would be a great choice.

    kanisters are not bad either.
    the screen is interchangeable, which can come in handy.
  7. I have a small 2 piece Ti Space Case (picked up off Amazon for $20) and I swear by it, awesome grinder. That being said, I have used a friend's Mendo on numerous occasions and that worked great too. I would say if you only want a 2 piece, or a small size, go with Space Case. If you want a four piece, or a large size, go with Mendo, purely because you will save a bit of money. I disregard all other grinders.
  8. the wicked one in the west
  9. space case is a proper fail safe grinder
  10. Can you change the screens on a space case?
  11. Have any of you heard about mama P's?
  12. I heard the hooked on ebonics one is pretty sweet
  13. SHARPSTONE!!! they are safe, reliable, and a one time buy. get a pollen catcher :)
  14. I have one of those chromium crushres buy they suck at collecting kiefe and i feel like i have 2 twist it like 15 times before its ground
  15. look up piranha grinder on amazon its like 26$ its a great grinder! very good collects keif nice i recommend to everyone
  16. I bought my first grinder at 16, some metal grinder with a kief catcher at the bottom. Bought it for like 14 bucks and still have it to this day. The thing catches kief like a mofo as well. So saying any grinder is good really.. Besides those shitty plastic ones
  17. I've got a Chromium Crusher, it's one of the better grinders that I've seen/used before.

    The kief collection is medium amount, not too bad.

    My favorite part about it is that it grinds bud up a lot differently, at least mine does. It makes it literally perfect for joints.

    I recommend it. :)
  18. All metal Sharpstone, don't get the ones with teh clear top or crank handle

    Make sure its legit, lot of knockoffs or fake ones out there, theres guides on how to tell if its real
  19. Im getting it off amazon
  20. I would personally get a Mendo Mulcher or a Space Case if you're only getting a medium sized grinder. The bigger ones are kind of expensive. Those 2 are THE best grinders out there. If you're not looking to spend as much the next brand I would recommend is Sharpstone. If you do decide to go with a Sharpstone make sure it's authentic.

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