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Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaphish, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. after a reflective week of vacation i've decided my work is kicking my ass and holding me down. i'm freaked, and not sure where to start, but i've decided to go back to school to finish college, which withered away due to my extensive party requirements @ that age :)D).

    any advice from anyone who flopped the first time around who went back, and ideas could help. just to give you my brief history:i tried Sonoma State, and after a year and a half (all but failing my 3rd semester) i gave up. then tried a community college but dropped out again after 3-4 semesters of, well, average grades. wanna get back into the state system without having to go back to community college. i'm either going to major in liberal arts, communications, or my dream double-major: cultural anthropology & art history.

    talk about party priorities, oh but they were good times.

    anyone kinda have this experience or am i the only "former" party animal on the board? ;)
  2. all I can tell you is good luck...keep with it and slowly but surely you'll finish school....pat yourself on the back for making the decision to return to finish your education.

    dont go to too many keggers
  3. Well, ganja, I can't give advice, as I'm a fellow "flopper" myself lol. Went 3 years to college, partied my ass off and ran out of , ummm, something?! money, ambition, drive!?? I got good grades, just didn't really have any desire to stick with my major (social work). Anyways, I wasn't smart like you, and I didn't go back. Ended up married with a kid instead. I am so glad you have made this wise choice. Just keep your goals in mind, and good luck!! I know you can do it! It will be worth it in the long run.
  4. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    Here's the advice. You have to have that thirst for knowledge. I didn't have it the first round. I liked to party, too. I got tired of it and stopped going and pursued other things. Then, one day, I knew that I wanted to know more than I did. I spent alot more time in college taking classes that didn't apply to my major but it was so worth it and I still want more.

    You are gonna kick ass, Ganja! I have faith in you!!!
  5. Thanks you guys! I flopped twice and am not scared I'll flop a third time, because my thirst is undeniable and overpowering. I am more than ready, just have to break down and get my crappy transcripts and find out how much of them will transfer ;)

    Thanks so much for your support I need it and appreciate it more than you know!!
  6. Good luck dear, it wont be regretted. =)

  7. good luck- and if any of those young first timers start giving you shit- tell em from me:

  8. good luck Ganja. May you pass with honors.
  9. I find it a good ice breaker to smoke out all the TAs on your first day...they start to grade your papers more easily from then on IMO

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