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Wisdom Teeth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by omnipotent, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Im getting my wisdom teeth cut out of my mouth on friday, when can I start smoking again. What do you have to say about painkillers?
  2. Take the pills and smoke gravity bongs to avoid the suction in your mouth that causes dry sockets. That's what I'd do.

    I'd probably start smoking right away (gbong) wouldn't worry about infection as you'll be taking antibiotics.
  3. o man i wouldnt wanna smoke id get too hungry and then i couldnt eat hahah
  4. Two things, I know we can't discuss other drugs on this site, BUT I will say, it all depends on what painkillers they give you, hydrocodone AKA Vicodin or Norco mixes excellently with weed, as does Tylenol with codeine, and I doubt you'll get anything stronger than norco 10/325s. So take your pain med as prescribed, but a word of caution with actual smoking, the suction can cause dry sockets, if done too early after the removal, and those arent worth the risk, I'd take the script, wait a week or so, and start smoking again, but it's all up to you!
  5. Alls I have to say bout painkillers is...When I had all 4 wisdom teeth + 1 other one removed my parents decided it would be best that I didnt have any.

    Ya that was awesome.

    *lol I meant after surgery, obviously I was medicated during surgery, I didnt get any take home meds though :(
  6. when i got mine out i was fine with just the painkillers for about a week. they were just the 5mg vicadins. they wouldn't get me high unless i took two. You probably won't even want to smoke for a couple days afterwards, that shit hurts pretty bad and the last thing you want in your mouth is hot smoke. the earliest you could smoke would probably be around 3 days afterward, and thats if you recover well. Honestly you should ask your doctor about it, he'll know more than anyone who would reply to this post haha.
  7. firstly, and i cannot emphasize this enough, avoid smoking until the doctor says you can do so. i got dry socket when i had mine out, and trust me, its not something you want to experience. i didn't smoke weed when i had mine out, so i cannot attest to the success of avoiding dry socket by smoking out of a gravity bong, but it does seem like a viable option.

    if you have the time and space to prepare edibles, perhaps make some mothers milk. i wouldnt advise any solid edibles seeing as theres a good chance your going to have trouble opening your mouth far enough to admit a spoon full of jellow for a couple days, but ive tried mothers milk before and it worked nicely.

    also, if they give you the option, ask for laughing gas over full anesthesia. theres a lot of risk associated with full anesthesia, and laughing gas is a fun time in itself.

    as far as the pain meds go, rest assured your going to get yourself some nice schedule II narcotics.

    and ive never done anything that didnt mix well with bud
  8. I lit up like 4 blunts the day after I had mine cut out, and I was fine. Smoked a few bowls too.
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    Pray you dont get dry sockets. Sell those dumb pills and buy weed :D
    The opiates not the antibiotics and whatnot.
  10. Smoke through your nose? It would have to be like a long spoon pipe. You would get so high probly.

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