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Wisdom Teeth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Braddock, May 10, 2011.

  1. I just got the surgery to get my wisdom teeth removal today

    This shit hurts like hell, being as how I got them all out at once

    Would it be smart to toke up or could it be dangerous for me right now?
  2. I wouldn't smoke at all for a while, a dry socket ain't nothing to fuck with.
  3. When I got mine out I was specifically told not to smoke by the doctor. My friends told me that was just for cigs because the sucking involved can rip out gum tissue.

    Still though I'd stay away from it. As I remember you get a big ass bottle of pills, why not take a couple of those? You wont ACTUALLY need them after 2-3 days or so.

    PS if you still want to smoke, take hits through your nose like a champ.
  4. So it's not okay to smoke then...

    & yeah, I was given vicodine. :)
  5. Yeah not worth the risk, dry socket is a pain you wouldn't believe.

    Nose smoking isn't that bad, I did it when I got mine out haha, just make sure its your pipe.
  6. Smoking is a bad idea. Getting high isn't. Edibles.
  7. Man, for people to go as far as smoking through their nose instead of stopping for a week kinda gives "addiction theories" some ammo...but I'd do it.
  8. I got mine out last month and I smoked out of a bong with almost no water for no drag and didn't take huge rips so I wouldn't cough.
    I had nose surgery a few days ago and I blazed about 5 min after getting home. Just be smart about it 420 :)
  9. Vape or just get fucked on those vics.
  10. have a smoker bud visit you and have them give you a shawty ( not sure about spelling ) or in other words blow the smoke while you inhale. i had my teeth done 3 weeks ago, they tell you not to smoke because the movement you make with your make can give you a dry socket. inhaling is fine tho, my boyfriend gave me a shawty and it actually helped me sleep better. and its cool cause you can be stoned as shit and its ok ! cause your on meds anyways ! gl and feel better
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  12. This fking sucks, it means I cant smoke for about 5-10 days as the doc says that's when my stitches will fall out. -__-
  13. i'd wait like 3 or 4 days depending on how it heals

    hit the weed and take a couple vicodin
  14. I don't understand how I can get a dry socket though
    Will the coughing from the weed seriously rip out the stitches in my mouth? Lol..
  15. save the vic for 3-4 days then smoke and pop one victory
  16. Don't toke for a week or so. Not worth the risk.
  17. Why do you care about weed when you have vicodine? They usually aren't overly strong but they give you more than you need so just pop a few and relax.
  18. I smoked either the night of or the night after out of a small mini bong, and I was fine.

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