Wisdom teeth

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  1. I got mine removed yesterday, and taking these lorcets make me want to smoke even more!
    How long did you wait before you smoked? I'm not in a huge rush to, my health is very much more important than me smoking.. But I am curious how long you waited.
    I got all 4 of mine out, also.
  2. I actually didnt have to get mine removed,all of mine came in without any problems.Guess Im one of the lucky ones.:hello:

  3. All right dude i actually just got mine out like about a month ago, Im gonna tell u what i did all right brahhammer.

    Ok first off, rinse ur mouth out often, make sure u use salty warm water, this will promote healing and make u feel better..

    For smokin, i waited 4 days and when i smoked it wasn't good at all. IT was by far the worst time i had ever smoked, i waited a week solid before i smoked and it still hurt a good bit. I would say you should wait a good week, week and a half.

    You do not wan2 get dry sockets, they're the worst thing ever!!!

    Also when u smoke don't rip a huge bong, try using a small peice, the suction required to chalk up a bong can actually pop out the blood clots, which will give u dry sockets.

    Make sure after u smoke u rinse, and be carefull for what food u eat when ur munching

    Hope this helps dude.. it sucks but once its over u can get super baked...
  4. I was able to smoke 24 hours after. Different doctors recommend different things.

    (I had all 4 removed too. Just use a piece you don't have to use a lot of force on when inhaling.)
  5. Yeah I'd deff. use my bubbler if I was to smoke.
    I was thinking I could cover one nostril and inhale through the other, but I know that wouldn't feel good.
  6. u could try that, but personally i wouldn't try it. I'd just wait it out but like i said thats just me
  7. Is there anything I can say to get him to prescribe me something other than hydrocodone? I was going let him know they don't do anything to help the pain, and just make me nauseous. Anything else I should include with that? I'm hoping for percs or oxy 5's.
  8. Never heard of anyone getting Oxy's for wisdom teeth.
  9. Odd, I've heard of plenty people getting oxy 5's.. We'll see what happens I suppose, worse comes to worse I'll get hydro 10's, which I'm really not interested in.
  10. I doubt you'll get more then hydrocodone for wisdom teeth. Some of the more conservative doctors are not even prescribing that these days.

    Usually, however, you can request another bottle of hydrocodone once your first is gone. Just say you are still in pain. It worked for me ;)
  11. Ha, for sure, man.
    Those were my intentions, but since he scribed me Hydro 5's with Promethazine I figured I might as well try to juice some stronger medication out of this.. Especially since I can get green beans all day every day.
  12. lol u could be like man i get stronger shit then this on the street....all though that probably wouldn't be a good idea

    i got oxy 5's when i got my teeth out, maybe i was just a lucky one:rolleyes:
  13. I got vic's for my teeth.

    Then I went to Austin a week later, smoked more good bud than I ever had before, took one to help my teeth.

    A friend of the guy I was staying with offered me a beer that he had brewed himself (amazing pale ale) and I passed the eff out. I had forgotten I took the vic. =/
  14. Got percodan! Anyone f with it? Oxycodone + Asprin.
  15. I would say wait a minimum of a week and a half to two weeks. Trust me, you DO NOT want dry sockets.

  16. Stop by Pandoras Box for more info.
  17. Percodan is a bad idea, unless he waits to take it till after the jaw has healed. The asprin may reduce clotting. See "you do not want to get dry socket"
  18. Any time i have dental work or a tooth removed i wait atleast 24 hours. I haven't had that many removed at one time. Hope you're feeling better!
  19. Why is it a bad idea?
    And thanks for everyone responding! I'm going to wait a week, see how a feel, if I'm not up to the task, I'll keep waiting till I feel as though I'm ready!
    These Oxycodones are sooo fantastic. :D
  20. Asprin is an anti-coagulant. It breaks down clots. You want the clot to stay in the socket so it can heal. The jaw heals by a protein called " fibrinogen" growing through the clot (at which point it will look like a weird whitish mass) and then building new tissue. So hang onto your clot!


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