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Discussion in 'General' started by pavlakos, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. so i feel my wisdom teeth finally coming in....

    whats the deal? does everyone get them removed? why if so? the last thing i want is to have to go get some teeth yanked out of my mouth.... if its so they dont take up too much room and push the other teeth real close i should be good i think, i have some space to spare...lol.
  2. I had mine taken out. My jaw started aching and my bite was a little off. Got all four taken out at once. They gave me about 20 vicodin, which turned out to be too few. Overall, it wasn't as daunting or unpleasant as people make it out to be. I was talking normally the very next day and the painkillers take care of it all. The most annoying part is eating, though. You'll be getting mad food stuck back there if you do it.
  3. when i had mine out it wasn't a big deal at all, i got full iv sedation. i remember saying "yeah i'm feeling the drugs good" then the next thing was waking up and being angry that they made me sit in the chair for an extra 15 minutes even though i could walk and do everything fine. best part was the 30 oxy :D , but i didn't even have any real pain. so that was even better lol
  4. only about 5% of the population doesn't need them taken out. i had mine taken out about 4 months ago. got sedated, got a percoset rx, was fucking popping them motha fuckers in class getting super high.

    i would giggle like fuck and and crack jokes with my art teacher all fucked up. she'd be like "Max, you're so high!" i'd be like "hell yeah, and the school can't do anything about it!!!" good times.
  5. When I was on the painkillers, I'd just be dozing off in class. Then again, if I was in art class I'd have been a lot more enthusiastic.
  6. Had mine out when I was around 20 I think. They put me under and pulled all four. It really wasn't that bad. I don't remember getting any cool pain killers though :(. They say it's better to have them pulled when you're younger. Faster recovery I guess.
  7. I got all four of mine out last friday. It wasn't bad plus i got some good pain killers out of it.:D
  8. yeah but how do they decide if you need them taken out? obviously its up to me...but whats gonna happen if i dont?
  9. They'll x-ray your grill and if they're coming in at an angle, they're gonna fuck up your teeth. Like Bleezie said, only a small percentage of people never get them removed. Some people only need two or three removed, but most people do it.
  10. alrighty then, thanks for the help guys.
  11. i got mine out 3 weeks ago, iv sedation for me too. i got 30 percs after the surgery and 15 percs before hand too, but mine were really fucked up. honestly the pain before the surgery was worst than having the teeth removed. so far the worst part for me is the outrageous bill for having it done, having to get a cap reglued in, and food particles getting stuck in the holes (thats the worst part of the whole thing to me it just feels so freakin nasty)
  12. yeah, some ppl have the extra room in their mouths, so they dont need them to be taken out...most ppl tho, they either come in in an angle, UNDER your other teeth, or will push all your other teeth out of line..so its really painful to not get them out if the need to be out....all of mine were SEVERELY impacted so i needed them out...i put it off till like the last minute and i wish id gotten them taken out a lot sooner
    its really not that bad to get them out as everyones said...and with the pain killers..if they arent strong enough or you run out too fast then just tell them and theyll up your dosage or refill you...its no biggie since everyones tolerance for pain and certain meds is different

    good luck either way!
  13. The dentist will look at an x-ray and determine if there's enough room for them and if they're coming in straight. I thought I had enough room for mine, but the dentist told me I would have problems once they fully came in, so I got them removed.

    The surgery wasn't that bad... the surgeon told me I would be fully unconscious but that wasn't exactly true. They gave me nitrous oxide of course, and then an IV in my arm that was supposed to knock me out. But I remember sitting in the chair with my eyes closed being just barely awake... couldn't feel my mouth or face, but I could definitely tell that something was being yanked out. It was almost like a dream.

    Afterwords, I wasn't supposed to do any heavy lifting because of the IV... but I did anyway, and had a vain in my arm harden up. That was a bitch. I also still have grooves in the back of my mouth 2 years later. Glad it's over with though.
  14. i almost want to get them taken out just for the drugs, lol.
    i think i hve enough room, but well see...
  15. i wouldnt get them out if you don't thing you need to. it leaves you fucked up for a week, face swollen, gumbs bleeding, can't eat many things and worst of you can't smoke or else you'll get dry socket
  16. :D

    I must have a big mouth because all four wisdom teeth are in and the dentist has no plans to take them out.

    Lucky me.

  17. Thats why i did it. I would of had to have them out in a few years but i just said fuck it and did it now because i wanted the drugs for a few days haha.
  18. to me this statement is bullshit, cuz if 95% of people need them taken out, then why do 100% of people get wisdom teeth, they obviously come in for a reason, seems like some bullshit propoganda to make money off people

    the right bottom one is starting to come through, cuz i can feel my gum touching my upper teeth when i bite down, but i have a molar missing on each side 2 teeth in front of my wisdom teeth on the bottom, so the bottom ones shouldnt be a problem

    all of my wisdom teeth are poking out, but none of em are fully out yet, i'm not really worried about it though, not gonna get em taken out cuz i dont got dental, n they aint botherin me so far
  19. I believe the reason for wisdom teeth dates back to the time when people's dental hygiene was pretty poor. Their teeth would rot out and then the wisdom teeth would come in to help them continue to chew their food. Now that we don't lose teeth as much, they only crowd your smile and make your teeth crooked.
  20. LMAO what a coincidence i just had mine taken out today,It's not such a bad operation because they numb your whole mouth and you dont feel shit,it's afterwards that your feel discomfort and your jaw hurts like a bitch.They usually take your wisdom teeth out so your other teeth have room to spread out.OH and a very important tip! DO NOT smoke for at least 3-4 days because it can cause an infection.

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