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  1. Good day. Well not so much for me actually. My wisdom teeth first appeared outside my gums I'd say just under a month ago, and I thought I had a little bit of time to kill before impacting began seeing as I can't afford to have them removed. Up to now there has been no pain or noticeable changes in my tooth structure, but yesterday I noticed after smoking a bowl that my teeth have started impacting and my front upper right tooth is now crooked. Aside from that, my mouth is in constant dull pain, easily ignored until I try eating any food, which causes a sharp pain in all but my front few teeth. It feels like I have very deep cavities on my teeth whenever I chew with them. None of that is all too important though.
    What I want to know is:
    1) Roughly how much would you say it costs out of pocket to get my wisdom teeth (all four) removed? We don't have insurance and barely scrape by as is.
    2) After they are removed, is it unsafe to continue smoking? Like will the open space in my gums catch an infection possibly, or am I just being too sketch about it?
    3) Is there any way (besides braces) that I can realign my front tooth? I had braces from age 10 to about 15, so I don't want to just leave it crooked or I'd feel like we wasted the $2000 we spent on my braces as a kid.
    I know there are related threads already, but I've noticed that most of them are old, and if you haven't experienced the hassle of reviving an old thread, you wouldn't understand why I started a new one. Rather than trying to resurrect a past thread, only to be told "lol do u kno that the last reply is 2 yrs old???", I decided it was in my best interests to just create one.

  2. When I got my wisdom teeth removed (all 4) a few years ago (around 2012) , I payed about $700 out of pocket and my dental insurance covered about 500 or 600, I dont remember clearly. Just go to a few different dentists offices and get estimates. Thats what I did, I end l ended up getting it done at a local hospital. I do remember that there were alot of factors that affected the costs, such as the level of impactness ( my wisdoms were medium impacted) and also the type of sedation you want (local anethesia only, intravenous sedation, gassed to go to sleep, etc)

    IMO, the faster you can get them removed the better. I was 18 when I got them removed and they hadnt come out yet but xrays showed them already developing and about to come out. I had braces too and my orthodontist recommended that I pull them out to not fck up my straightened teeth. The longer you wait the more the teeth will develop and fck up your other teeth.

    I couldnt tell you if it is unsafe to smoke once you got your wisdom teeth removed since I didnt smoke at the time. When they pull out your wisdom teeth, they are basically leaving and open "pocket" where your tooth was , your body will naturally clot the wound and it will heal and close up as time passes. Hygiene is very important in that time so id just hold back smoking for a few days just to play it safe to avoid an infection or something.

    Maybe using your retainers can fix the teeth that started to go out of place. There may be another way to fix , idk youd have to check with an orthodontist.

    Other than that, the process isnt that bad. It took about 15 minutes to pull all 4. The top 2 were yanked out basically with pliers and the bottom 2 were cut into peices (think of cutting a pizza into slices) and then individually removed.

    Hope this helps ya out !😀
  3. 1. Got mine pulled in February, cost i think $1300 but got insurance a week before largely due to having them removed. With insurance though the cost went down to $300.
    2. Don't smoke if you can for at least the first week. If you must smoke, swish your mouth out well with salt water. It'd be better to do edibles though. I smoked during the first week after getting mine pulled and the holes aren't quite filled in yet. That was my first time smoking too so it wasn't like i smoked much.
    3. If you get them pulled soon your teeth should fix themselves if there's not much of a problem yet.
  4. There are dental clinics out there that do reduced cost work for poor people. Do a online search and check a few out.
  5. I'd be the worst person to ask these questions, as I live in Canada and everything was covered. It would scare me so much to live in any country that doesn't provide health care :( Sorry.
    Buuut, I can tell you that I recovered within a week, and didn't even need the OXY that they prescribed me for it. I had all four of them removed, as they were all coming in impacted. I don't remember anything from after the surgery to how I got home, but apparently I walked myself to the car and everything lol
  6. Late but today I had a consultation with my dentist about my wisdom teeth. I'll be 20 in april, and I noticed one of the teeth coming out my gums about a month ago. Woke up yesterday and another wisdom tooth was giving me serious pain. Anywho, I don't have dental insurance and it's going to cost close to 2700. :(

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