Wisdom teeth getting pulled?

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  1. I need to get two wisdom teeth removed, and was wondering what kind of pain killer they would give me? Of course ill put on my Emmy award winning act and complain of how bad the pain is, in which reality will probably be true. I'm twenty, and have no history of drug abuse.

    Those of you who have experience, share your story.
  2. I had all 4 removed at once and got Vicodin. Meh.
  3. only the very few lucky ones get percs
  4. How was the surgery? What method did you use to put you out? I can either choose laughing gas or a sedative like valium, but I doubt id get enough valium to knock me out considering its one of the weaker benzos.
  5. goodluck. hopefully youll get some laughing gas which is nitrous.
  6. when I got my teeth pulled, I got all 4 out and had a MASSIVE cyst in my jaw. before the surgery, I was put on some benzo(I can't remember wich one, nor the rest of the day after they kicked in) and I was put on the gas, thaan afterwards, I got percs, and because of how bad my jaw was those wheren't strong enough, so they gave me dilaudids
    but I'm an extreme example, you'll probably get vicodins
  7. Laughing gas. Awww yeahhhh

    It's really not as bad as some people like to make it seem. Sure you'll be uncomfortable for a few days, but you won't be in so much pain that you're crying or anything
  8. havent gotten mine out yet but im assuming ill get hydrocodone, the place ill be goin to is the same place my buddy went and he got hydros
  9. i got all 4 out at once and got percs.

    as far as the procedure, i was put out using twilight anesthesia, whatever that is... (if any of the more knowledgeable blades care to shed some light on that, feel free)...
  10. I'm not really worried about the pain part. I just want to be out for the surgery because I have pretty bad anxiety when it comes to blood and I'd be flipping out if i was conscious watching them cut into my mouth. Im hoping the laughing gas will knock me out.
  11. It just means you're sedated and pain-free, but still awake and able to coherently follow instructions. You aren't put to sleep.
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    I got a bottle of lortab 5/500 when I got mine removed last January. The pain wasn't too bad; I just took some plain acetaminophen and was pretty fine, so I saved the pills until I healed and then popped a couple whenever I felt like it :)
  13. weird a lot more people got vicodin...i got percocet 5's. I only had one wisdom tooth taken out but it was impacted like under the bone or something. They gave me 2 5mg valium to take an hour before the appointment. It was the least scary dentist appointment i ever had. The worst part was the stitches. It didnt hurt to bad for a few days after but once I was outta percs I had a fucking terrible pain for like 2 days it sucked
  14. really? i guess it must not have been twilight, then. i was out. or at least i thought i was. certainly wasn't coherently following any instructions. the way they described it was "it's like being under, but not deep under"... or something like that.
  15. I had 5 wisdom teeth removed. Yes thats correct 5. Doc originally wrote the script for Vicodin and then changed it to percs once my mom said I reacted badly to Vicodin in the past. I was worried he was gonna give me T3's but I was pleasantly surprised.
  16. i got some m357 (vicodin), take 3-5 and smoke a bowl (carefully though) and youll feel wonderful for the entire night
  17. Do not smoke a bowl! If probably already know why, but if you don't, it stops the blood from clotting in your gums and can cause an infection. IN ADDITION, A lot of the problem is when you inhale, you create suction in the mouth, and this pressure will disrupt the scabbing/healing process. Don't worry too much about the pain, I had all my wisdom teeth taken out before they were even showing, and inside my gums. I pretty much just slept the entire day, with the exception of changing out the cotton balls for the blood. Second day, eat very slow. 3rd day, you'll start getting better.
  18. I gotta get 4 of mine out sometime this year. I want to set up an appointment ahead of time to discuss anxiety and pain management. I already got anxiety issues and hate the dentist so I am going to push strong for a sedative pre op.

    I am most concerned about my pre existing opiate tolerance. I don't think their pain killers will be enough.
  19. I got percs one time and Ibuprofen another. I actually know more people that have gotten Ibuprofen than anything good

  20. Lawl. You need a strong sedative pre-op? You're getting teeth pulled not a leg amputation. Sounds to me like you want a free high so why don't you just say that? You will be put under general anesthetic anyway what is there to be nervous about you're not going to remember anything.

    You say you have a pre-existing tolerance so what's going to stop you from getting more opiates other than what they prescribe you to deal with the little pain that Tylenol could relieve anyway? Oh that's right, not only are you nervous, but your also an addict so you will also try to use that as an excuse to get more free drugs.

    You are the reason people with legitimate problems can't get medication. Stop trying to abuse every little opportunity that presents itself. Also stop trying to fool this forum into thinking you actually have these problems, because your intentions are ridiculously obvious. I'm sure you have bigger balls than my 14 year old sister, but I didn't hear her screaming for valium because of the big bad dentist.

    Sorry for the rant, but if you want to abuse pills, buy them instead of deceiving doctors.

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