Wisconsin Band Looking For Drummer

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  1. Hello,

    Posting here in hopes of finding the right drummer for our band. Our current drummer will only be available till the end of summer so we want to meet the right person and get to work before that deadline hits.

    We are an established rock/funk/reggae band from the Madison/Dells area. We have an album and a EP out and many more original songs in the works. Our summer is booked all the way into September and we are booked at festivals across the state. We like to jam and get rowdy. Hopefully you do to.
    We all have professional equipment including lights, pa, and soon we'll have a band van. We also have plenty of merch and design our own posters. We're pretty self-sufficient and are working hard to make this summer our big push into playing around the Midwest.

    We're looking for someone who:
    Is an awesome drummer (can jam, improvise)
    Has their own drum equipment and transportation (at least to practice in the Dells)
    Is in a place in their life where they have time to devote to a band.
    21 to 27ish but considerations will be made if you're that good.
    likes stuff like Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, Phish

    At the end of the day this band is our hobby, our job, our freetime, and our passion.
    We're looking for a brother who can help us grow as a unit and succeed.
    Anyone interested?
  2. You guys are funky and fun, I dig it. But I live on the exact opposite side of the planet. And I hate to say it, but this end of GC doesn't get a whole shit-ton of traffic, so I wouldn't bank on finding someone here. But y'never know. Good luck!
    Man, I've been in a lot of bands in my day and I have always had a problem keeping drummers. Why is that? Even the drummer in my current band is fixin' to jet across the country, so I'll be on the search for a replacement soon too. Fack.

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