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wiring multiple cfls

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ninja1ne, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Newbie here about to start first grow.
    I am making a grow box of dimensions 40x40x60 (cm) shown below:


    My design plan is like this:


    I was going to buy batten holders to hold my 4 CFL bulbs and wire them myself using a dual core cable to a 13a plug.
    But then i saw these which are £3.50 each on ebay, and wondered if i could chop and wire them up all together as shown:


    Can this be done? or should i just leave them as separate plugs into a multi, then into a timer on another multi?

    Also, whilst i am posting i may as well ask your opinions on using a sheet of diamond mylar, which is about £4 for a metre squared on ebay, for covering the walls, and what to stick it on with..


  2. get something like this and just wire it to a plug then plug it into your timer.


    Or a couple of these and some splitters

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    you could wire them up like that but you will need a proper junction box. it would be much less work to just buy a multi adapter though,

    I would buy standard lamp holders (about 40p each) from Wilkinsons.
    I had a similar sized box a few years back, it worked really well

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    contact adhesive will work on the myla but eventually from the heat and light it may degrade. I have used white duct tape in the past, it doesn't look as good but it will be secure. with my boxes I have now I wrapped the myla around each panel and temporally taped it to the back. after screwing all the panels together the mylar can't move so you can cut the excess off the back of the panels flush with the edges.
  5. after a while I made a free hanging lamp set up from polished aluminum and hung it in the box. having the lamps horizontal gives better light distribution

  6. I found some 5 socket bathroom light fixtures at the thrift store for $5 each! Just needed a couple of cords, which I already had!

  7. nice cfl reflector very clean :smoke:

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