Wiring for CFLs on a timer

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  1. okay so i did a search, didn't find much relevant information (all of it seems to be centered around HPS/MH lighting) that i could use.

    see, i've talked about making a scrogbox before but never really had the opportunity until recently so i want to give it a shot.

    i have the design done up in my head (yeah yeah, i'll get it on paper soon) but it's going to be a 2x3x7 cabinet with the lights on a sheet that's going to be able to be raised and lowered as needed. hoping to use brushless fans for the intake and exhaust with some carbon filtration of the air and a timer like you'd get from the local hardware store. (aim is brushless because they're much quieter as i've known them.)

    thing is, we've found some really awesome looking CFL bulbs. tagged as having about 1000 lumens each (we're aiming for four, mayube 5 on our getup) and they're standard CFL (yes, i know that it may not be the right spectrum but we don't have the resources to invest in MH/HPS systems.)

    aim is for one plant for starters in soil (going organic!) but with the potential for more... or hell, if it doesnt turn out, we can always put tomatoes or peppers in there... waste not want not. but the point is to make a useable cabinet that can be used to grow inside.

    all totalled i gather we'll need wire, naturally... and i'm going to be sure to get the good stuff (thick, copper, insulated... the kind with three wires in case we need to ground it.) and the fixtures, but is it as simple as just putting wire A into socket B and going from there or is there something more that we'll need to know to get this going without risking shock or shorts or potential damage to either home or health.

    so, what links or resources can you slide my way regarding things like suggested wiring diagrams, wiring it up safely... aim is for it to be plugged into a standard wall socket.

    so, resources... gimme! :D
  2. I use CFL and instead of doing my own wiring I use edison connections. It is the female receiver of a light bulb with the male end of an outlet on it, allowing you to plug a light bulb straight into an outlet. I also use splitters so each plug has 2 lights. I attach them to a power squid and all I need is one timer. Let me see if I can find a pic to give you an idea

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  3. that's a pretty nice setup you've got and thank you for the suggestion! yeah, it'd be a challenge to do the wiring myself (and i do like challenges) but the risks involved... yeah, not my cup-o-tea this time.

    p.s. nice grow so far, the cola looks nice! have you smoked from this setup yet?
  4. cheap, pre-wired and mounted sockets...bathroom light strips. three or more sockets on a metal base I use two three-light strips in my growbox.
  5. Well, I went the way of using porcelain light socket's & use the connecter that makes it able to do two bulbs per socket. I had to make my own bracket to hold them. Then you just use extention cords for the power. Really simple wiring. They all go into a power strip, then the power strip into the timer.

    Some pics to maybe help. Not the best pics, but you get the basic idea:




    And with this setup, I can have up to 10 bulbs going at a time. All the wires go up and out the top of the box through a black elbow PVC pipe.

    Hope it helps.
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    nice set up. make sure you have enough venting that will create allot of heat in there!!!

    you can use computer fans. i recomend 1 in and 3 out. use the 4 inch fans and an ac adapter. i think theres a write up on here how to wire it. basicly its a 12 volt a/c adapter with 1 amp or less. your fans should be .30 amps so you can hook up 3 fans to the same ac adapter that has 1 amp. i have a 1.5 amp 12 volt adapter wired up to my 3 fans :)

    hope this info helps some.


    i forgot to add. you can buy extension cords and wire the lamps into the extension cords making sure you respect the amps going threw the cord. plug it into a serge protector and hook it up to a timer. its basic wiring.

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