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  1. One of my fave shows....I'd love to go on there and make a fool out of myself. I found the ranch they film at today. There was construction going on but I was able to see the big red balls! :D
  2. eh i think it's dumb, they don't get hurt enough and they fall too much
    i want a low fall rate, but if you fuck up, your going to the hospital or something

    people seem to like it though
  3. I don't think it is dumb.
    I am pretty much regular viewer of this show and love to watch it..
  4. I like that Japanese version alot more the one that used to be on spike can't remember the name and they dubbed the voices in English
  5. wipeout been on European & Asian TV's since the 70's!

    I imagine this show does not interest most Americans, but they prolly watch a supersize me.
  6. Initially, I thought the show was stupid. But now I watch it a lot. I like to mute it (John Henson is awful) and play some Curren$y as I smoke/chill.
  7. I've always wanted to run those courses. Super Super Super bad!

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