Winterized green dragon/qweso mixed with ejmix?

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  1. Hey trying to waste less and quit smoking so ive been using a dry herb pen for awhile, it can be a hassle though and i want to make a potent liquid for my juice tank.ive had some moderate succes by dissolving rosin into ejmix but i do believe it was still a little weak(i used just BARELY enough drops of ej to emulsify). However we all know there is still alot of goodness left in rosin chips so im thinking about grinding them, then doing a wash with everclear. Well, more of a longer soak actually (like an hour) to get as many cannabinoids as possible out of the remaining material.if i water cure the material before the soak, and then winterize the result, do you guys think I can get it clean enough to mix with ejmix and run through a tank?
  2. Also,is vaping extracts this way simply a weaker method of ingestion or is it even possible to get a tank to hit hard for a person with a high tolerance?
  3. No idea about the rosin chips but I will tell you that from what I read quick wash is best for vape mixes as the additional plant matter extracted with longer soaks will cause cartridges to burn up. I am here looking for recipes and info also. I am planning on using some terpenes mixes from Holy Terp. Supposedly you can easily dissolve concentrates into these mixes using a little jar and lighter. So I'm just going to dissolve some FECO in them. I don't expect it to be any stronger then cartridges at the dispensaries. Hopefully but not holding out much hope. I am making this for DH and he has a VERY high tolerance and rarely ever gets high on these. But they are helpful for vacation. And if I can get a strong mix maybe he can use them more.
  4. In my experience ej mix can emulsify almost anything, google it if you havent heard of it.also your right about the quicker washes being easier on cartridges, however i gave up on the whole idea awhile ago because even using rosin and ej in various ratios i could never get a mix with a satisfying potency.if you haven't already considered it i reccomend making an ethanol tincture.

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