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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TobySucks, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. So I have a funny story for anyone that wants to read it but there's a good amount of back-story to start with so I'll start with that.

    Ok well I live on an island with a population of 6000 people so everyone knows pretty much everyone with the exception of me because I haven't been here long. Anyway I end up getting arrested jan 2012 for buying weed off of craigslist(this is a whole different story.

    Now back to the island for a second there's only 2 gas stations on the island and I usually go to the same one but one day I decided to try the other one out and the dude that works there happens to also come from ct, so we talked for a little and became friendly. Fast forward like 9 months from the time I got arrested so around oct 2012 I go into the gas station and I'm wearing a sweatshirt that says "Legalize Freedom" and the "O" in freedom is a pot leaf. The dude at the gas station commented on the sweatshirt that he liked it and we got into talking and all I told him was I was arrested for weed and he looked at me and said "wait a minute are you the dude from craigslist that got caught" and I was like yeah that's me.

    So there's the back story fast forward to today and I go in there and he come out from the back and says "what's up we gangsta out here" and I just laugh because this dude is a chubby Indian dude in his 30's I'd say, anyway he comments on my car and I say thanks and he's telling me about where he lived in ct and then with a sketchy look on his face he looks around and in a whisper says "you still smoke joint?" and I was like yeah I do so the dude pulls out a cigarette box throws it on the counter and was like "Here I found this you can have it cause you my *****, I hear nothing I see nothing but you my *****", at this point i'm like wtf so I grab the cigarette box go home and inside is a pretty shitty rolled joint with some pretty good quality bud.

    Now the ultimate question is would you smoke it, I already know I'm going to smoke it but I just want to see what the fine people at grasscity would do
  2. I would smoke it. I'm not sure whether or not this indian dude is really fucking creepy though.
  3. Why wouldn't you smoke it? As long as you're sure there's nothing dangerous or anything and I highly doubt that guy would do anything like that considering how much trouble he could get in. Plus, if you are somehow being set up or something stupid like that, it will be gone and there will be no evidence.

    And what's with the astericks?
  4. Nice story, yeah I'd probably smoke it. :D

    Wouldn't mind hearing your craigslist story, you've got a knack for story telling.
  5. #5 TobySucks, Jan 11, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2013
    it's a filtered word starts with N has a couple GG's

    Thanks I'll type it up when I get a chance

    Oh no the dude is chill but he found the joint so I have no clue whose it was before that or what happened to it or where he found it

    Also here's some pics I'll get another better shot of the bud when my phone charges up. There was about .7 in the joint


  6. Smoke it. I want to hear the craigslist story.

  7. I'm loading up my vape right now and then I'll type the craigslist story up, I really hope this is laced with pcp that'd be sweet /sarcasm
  8. Ok so after that vape bowl I was really high and just went to sleep but here's the craigslist story if anyone is interested.

    So I had recently moved to RI to go to school and I moved in with my grandparents Oct 2011 because they have a house close to where I go to school. Well they leave mid October to go to Florida for 7 months so I'm alone most of the time I'm here. Anyway fast forward to Christmas break of 2011 and I was back home in ct so I picked up a half before I went back to RI because I have no connect here and I ave social anxiety so asking someone I just met to deal me drugs was never going to happen.

    So now I'm back in RI with my half of fire thinking I can make it last a month, well it lasted not even a week and then I was dry again and having a really hard time sleeping. So I decide to post a vague ad on craigslist in hopes that a pot head would see it and recognize the slang and hook me up. So the ad I posted never said marijuana it was to the effect of this "Hi i'm new to town and i'm an exotic plant collector and i'm looking for plants that grow HIGH and produced skunky buds", anyway about 3 days later I get an email that says "either you're a cop or you're stupid" and I replied "well I guess it's the second one" then they responded back and said something about them smoking weed an I said "well you should hook me up" and never received an email back from that person.

    Now about 2 days after that I get an email from this dude that says I think i have what you're looking for email me your number. So I email this guy my number and a little while later I get a text message that says "what are you looking for?" and all I said was "A close connect" so then he's like "oh cool I never met anyone through here before" and I was like "yeah me either", then he asks me "how do I know your not a cop" and I was like "I was thinking the same thing about you what can I do to prove i'm not" then he responded with "lol idk" then the texting continues I told him I needed an eighth and he said ok but I have to meet you tomorrow at 12ish because i'm with fam right now and I was like "ok one more question do you have mids/reggie or dank?" and he replies with "I got that dank ass shit".

    So I wake up the next morning and it's 12:30 and I have a couple texts from this dude asking if i'm still coming and i said yeah hopped in my car and ran and got the money but only had $30 for weed so I text him saying I need 30 worth and he says that's fine. I should also mention that my mom is coming to visit me from ct which is a 2 hour drive and she left at 12:00. So I go to the meeting place and park and don't see the black van he said he'd be in. So i text him that I'm here and then 5 mins later I see him pull up but he doesn't pull up next to me like a normal drug deal he parks in the parking spots behind me so I have to get up and walk through the parking lot to get to his car.

    So I get in there's 2 older dudes like 30's or 40's in the front and the passenger goes so 30 right? and I say yeah and hand him the money, then he hands me a bag that I just stuff in my pocket but I could smell straight skunk the second he passed the bag back. So now I'm just like alright thanks I'll hit you up when I need more. So I go to open the back door but it's controlled by the driver so he has to press a button to open it, so he opens it and I get out and then the dude who just sold to me in the passengers seat gets out, I thought maybe he wanted to give me daps or a handshake so I put my right hand out and he grabs my left arm and pushes me on the ground screaming "get on the ground you're under arrest" now i'm laying on the ground thinking wtf are you serious. I look up and there's a cop car pulling out of an alley, they throw me in that car and on to the station I went.

    They charged me with criminal solicitation and then 6 months later they added delivery of marijuana which are both felonies. I was only in a holding cell for 2 hours thank god my mom was on her way because I needed $50 for the judge to come out on a weekend. My family didn't really care just thought it was a dumb move and now i'm the butt of a lot of jokes but I don't mind because it was a dumb move and I've learned from it. The case just recently ended and the delivery charge was dropped and the other charge was amended to a misdemeanor possession of marijuana and I got a 1 year filing sentence on that charge.
  9. Damn man, they did that to you over $30 worth of weed? Wtf?
  10. Too long, didn't read

  11. Yeah took almost a year of court dates to finally finish it
  12. i hope you know thats entrapment op. but oh well, its in the past now...
  13. I'm from New Haven CT what part of CT are you from
  14. Bristol

    It's not entrapment because I was intending to break the law to begin with
  15. Thanks for the story Jimmybob!

    I can't believe they were so hard up for a pot arrest they would go through all of that for a $30 sack. SO dumb! Glad it didn't turn out too bad for ya in the end.

  16. Yeah I know you think it'd be the least of their worries

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