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  1. When you crash into a rock at 120mph

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  2. Base jumping is a death wish waiting to happen .
    Even the best burn in .
    Even idiots know how insane base jumping really is ..

    My first jump I had a line over …. that was a 2500 foot static line solo jump .

    There is no forgiveness for any issue when your doing 180 mph 3 feet from ground .
  3. That's just crazy . Looks cool but man one mess up and you are done for.
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    You'll notice most of these videos are several years old, or older. The death toll got so bad in 2014/15 the sport made some changes, the primary change was away from proximity flying (which is what kills everyone) and toward cloud flying, formation flying, organized competition (an annual wingsuit championship is hosted by the PRC in China of all places) and other things that don't automatically kill you when mistakes are made. Wingsuiting from an aircraft (not BASE jumping) is no more dangerous than skydiving, which is 12 times safer than freeway driving.

    These people are called crazy all the time. Flying a wingsuit is not crazy. Fly it enough in open air and you discover it amounts simply to diagonal skydiving. The thrill wears off after a few dozen (or just a few) jumps and the only way to make it more interesting to is get closer to things. Better clouds and other flyers instead of the ground imo, but nobody is ever going to stop natural selection. E.g. Graham Dickenson was told by either dozens or hundreds of people that his final jump was impossible. Either his ego was too big or his brain too small. It was 12 seconds from exit to impact.

    The sport (and world) will always have a fortunately small but unfortunately certain percentage of participants who are actually crazy. They don't last long in this sport and imo comprise a major portion of fatalities over the years. Imagine wingsuiting on LSD or DMT. I can't since I've never had either one, but my gut instinct is that wingsuit flying isn't the best idea.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Its when you strap 2 tiny coke sized can jet engines to your ankles this become more than fun,
    until you run outta gas ,
  6. That looks cool , as long as it doesn't burn your ankle .
    I did a smoke jump once and the canister got hot ..
    I like the one where the jet mounts on your back but still a winged style suit .
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