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  1. so i have a toshiba laptop with windows 7, and ive been trying to put music on my phone(that is known for being difficult to put songs on, somethin about the usb driver for it) so at first it would work every once in a while but now im starting to think the problem is windows media player. when i open windows media player it loads up but then the bar ant the bottom of the screen with the icons wont let me click anything and the computer goes into like a loading process and after a couple of minutes it will say something about windows malfunctioning and gives me options of waiting for it to respawn or closing it. so i need help its scaring me that the laptops gona fuck up can anyone help me?
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    The word you're looking for is respond. Lotta video games lately?

    Anyways, why is windows media player involved in the transfer? Don't you have all your music saved in one folder that you could just drag onto your cell phone's memory? Am I understanding your question correctly?

    If you're asking about your computer freezing up that's most likely due to an insufficient amount of RAM. How much RAM is installed on your computer? Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling WMP?
  3. na i dont play games on it, i recently downloaded counter strike though but this problem has been happening before that. O my phone is a verizon chocolate touch and it works throught the media player, ya exactly i have to drag the music to the sync section but thats if my computer recognizes my phone. mm im not sure about the ram, how can i go about finding that out? ya i was planning on uninstalling/reinstalling it but just trying to find out whats the problem. thanks for the reply by the way
  4. You can find out how much RAM is in your laptop by right click "my computer" and selecting "properties". A screen should pop up showing you your cpu/ram/os/pc name and other things. If you have 4gb there shouldnt be any issues. But if you have 2 gb on win 7 and your running a bunch of applications you may run into trouble. Especially if hard drive space is limited as well.

    Does WMP only freeze when you have your phone plugged in? Or does it freeze all the time? If it freezes all the time just uninstall and reinstall WMP.

    Im sure you know how to load music on your phone but follow the instructions in this link.
  5. k, i have 4gb, im its not working both ways. the problem im having with the phone is it isnt recognized by my computer and never installs the drivers successfully. ive read this is a common problem
  6. Alright its obvious to me that you did not see the link I posted. Cuz if you did you would have read that you should click cancel on the box that pops up asking to install a driver.
    How to Sync LG Chocolate Touch with WMP? - LG Cell Phones Blog

    Just in case you miss the link again

    1) Open up Windows Media Player 10 (this may work for 11 also). Go to the Sync tab.
    2) Connect the phone up to the computer via USB. Windows should recognize a device has been pluggged-in but may not have a driver for (it will ask, just click cancel)
    3) On the phone go to Settings > USB Auto Detection and select Media Sync Mode. The computer should immediately recognize the phone as "LG VX8575 Internal Memory"
    4) You may get a pop-up window asking about automatically syncing music for you. Close it. LG-Chocolate Touch info
    5) On the right side of the Windows Media player window you should now see the "LG VX8575 Internal Memory" selected in the drop-down list and it will have avalible the list of all the music currently on it. To remove a song right-click and select "Delete from Device"
    6) To add music drag-n-drop or add them to the "Sync" play list and then go back to the Sync tab and hit "Start Sync". If it starts to convert songs that you know are already mp3s or wmas, you should go into Tools > Settings > Devices and select the LG device > Quality and un check the "convert files as needed" box.
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    Any external device you plug into a windows computer -- whether its an external hard drive, a wireless adapter, or a cell phone -- is going to prompt you for drivers. They are not always necessary, especially in the case of external hard drives (which is essentially what your phone turns into when you plug it in to your computer -- atleast thats how your computer sees it -- if you look in my computer you'll see your phone under "devices with removable storage").

    Hope this helps and I will be glad to assist you with this until your songs are on your phone.
  8. o no i did, the rare times it tells me its installing a drive are the times it works. All the other times the phone is just not recognized and doesnt show up on my computer.
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    And you did step 3 after canceling the install? I have a hard time believing it didnt detect your cell phone after completing step 3. Maybe your laptop motherboard needs a bios update. What model laptop do you have? I don't mean brand, I know you have a Toshiba from your OP, whats the actual model name/number?
  10. ya, ive been messing with this for a long time and have googled just about everything and have tried it and its just not working. other people are having similar problems. the model is satellite c655
  11. I have a satellite series laptop and the most recent bios update from Toshiba makes it BSOD every time it boots up if i plug it in or unplug it while its off.
  12. Thanks for letting me know that Toshiba is a moron. I'll be sure to never buy one. Who releases BIOS updates that cause BSODs? How about that other option, you know the one where they dont fucking release it!?

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