Window Sill Grower - Check out Polly and Medusa!

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  1. Hey all, first time poster here.

    I found a few seeds in my stash and decided to give them a shot at germination in a paper towel, and to my surprise, they sprouted! So approximately early July I put these two bad boys (or girls, shall I say) into a red solo cup full of Fox Farms soil. They grew a bit and then transferred each to bigger pots containing the same fox farms mix. I just wanted to drop in, show my pics, and ask for any tips on how to further this process. It seems like they're growing pretty slow relative to guides I see online, however, they're only getting sunlight from about 6-7 am - 5 pm due to their location right now. The end plan for these bad boys is to keep them until they're stinky, then find a secure, remote place in the woods to plant them and harvest a few weeks later. Please let me know how they look and when I can expect to be able to determine sex! These picture span from about July 1 - July 22.


  2. Unless you supply some extra light

    you may be quite disappointed by them

    rig up a 4-6 cfl array, if broke

    add more warm white cfl's as they get bigger

    more perlite to the mix will help at next potup

    good luck
  3. I'm only looking to get a few oz's from them, and they'll be transferred outdoors within a month I'd guess. Will the lights be necessary until then or will I need them to reach the yield I'm looking for? Thanks!
  4. its been a month almost since the summer solstice

    only u can decide dude

    good luck

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