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  1. OK, so the pattern is, every day my plants droop from about 10AM until about 7PM.
    Other times they look great. Growing nicely.
    Now, I DO live in S. Alabama, where temps are in the 90s, but I live in a good house and the temp in my grow tent is 75. Humidity 51%. Could the A/C be doing that? I have a humidifier in the tent.
    Their pots are semi-light, they got some water yesterday. I know overwatered, this isn't it.
    I'm sure this isn't doing my plants any good.

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  2. This would cause them to wilt, recover, wilt, recover at the same times every day? I'll post another pic this evening, they'll be reaching for the sky.
  3. No rotten sock smell. They are in BioBizz light mix with 1/4 perlite. I lost a flowering plant to root rot. I know how to avoid it.
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  4. They usually wilt during night time, was this taken while you usually have they light off? That’s the only bit I can think of

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  5. The answer is yes. During regular night. I've not seen this but my only other grow was in the closet never dark.
  6. potup then use 30% perlite

    add more perlite if you intend to feed ya own nutes

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    It happened again yesterday, right like clockwork. About 9 AM they start (lights out is at 10AM). Back on at 8 PM (it's hot here during the day), and they perk up right about then and are fine until the next morning.
    Someone said they droop at night. Every heard of that, Vostok? Makes sense given the behavoir.

    If that's total BS, then re-potting is next, which I want to avoid like the plague of course.

    How do you tell if it's rootbound? It checked the pots, I don't feel a bunch of roots against it (cloth pots).
  8. Wait wait wait lol. Your taking pics of them during lights out? The look like that when the lights are out?
    because that’s exactly how it is. They sleep when the lights go out. Do you sleep standing up?
  9. LOL I had no idea, the one other grow I had was in a closet, no darkness. This is in a tent. Thanks man.
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  10. Always a reason for that droop!

    IMO I suggest repotting as an easy solution, but its often the method you use
    if you can't up pot look to other answers

    try here:Over-Watering Cannabis Plants - Symptoms & Solutions

    here: Underwatering Cannabis Plants Symptoms & Solutions

    post back when better

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  11. Wish I knew what was up because I live in the same area but I don't think that is the problem

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  12. pic lights on?
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  13. my poor "rootbound", "overwatered", whatever else they've been incorrectly diagnosed as today.

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  14. Flanigan, after a lot of research (finding an article by a PhD in Botany that described it as normal), the drooping is normal behavior. This is only my second grow, and the first was in a closet where the was no complete darkness. Now I have a tent, and they droop when it's time for lights out.

    As for how I deal with the heat and humidity here - I have a flex pipe running into my tent from the AC vent (along with fresh air of course). And a humidifier in my tent to counter act the dry air from the AC.
    I have a 5x5 tent with a 700cfm outtake fan and will have a 400cfm intake fan Wed. Meanwhile I just flop the doors open during lights on and put fans out. I don't think I'll try to grow in the middle of summer here again.

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