Wilting leaves on top of plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Abukuchick, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. I was here a while ago asking about my plant "Sprouty"...since then we have changed the lights to fluorescent grow lights and also transplanted it. The plant is now just over 3 1/2 feet tall. The past few days, we have noticed the leaves on the very top of the plant are curling under on the sides (making the leaf look like a tunnel or something) and we don't know why! The leaves below that look healthy and it is starting to sprout new leaf clumps up the length of it's stem. Could I be doing something wrong? We ordered fish emulsion for fertilizer and it should be here any day. Any thoughts?? Thanks!

    -Martha and "Sprouty"
  2. If the problem is the water getting to the leaves, how do I fix it? Should I just pluck off those leaves and concentrate more on the bottom? Or should I water more? I've seen alot of things about how it's easy to overwater plants and don't want to kill the whole thing because of a few leaves! Thanks!

  3. Ok, not gonna take the leaves off! The plant grew under incandescent lights so it had to keep growing up and up and up! It has been growing for about 5-6 weeks and it is still vegatative. I've had the lights on 24/7 the whole time. My landlord is helping me because he used to have a large growing op (and got caught) and he says I should keep the plant on 24/7 light for another couple months before going 12/12. It is pretty sparse, kinda like a tree with a bushy top and only a few shoots out of the stem (there are 12 shoots that start at about 1/2 way up the plant. Since changing lights, it has started to sprout new shoots [12 more sprouty shoots are starting] up the whole length of the stem.) I really want to let it bush out because due to the bad light, the plant is very naked! How long do you think I should keep it on 24/7? I'll try to get a pic to post but I might not be able to due to the fact that the only digital camera I have access to belongs to my future father-in-law, so I don't want incriminating photos on it! You're being sooo helpful, I really really appreciate it! Thanks again!

  4. k i dont know if you wanna take my advice... cuz ive never grown and i dont know a whole lot... but ill offer this anyway since i've read alot... since buddy says that the problem is water getting to the leaves, wouldnt spraying some water in a spray bottle work?? like a windex bottle or watever? i dono maybe im wrong but that what i would do! good luck!!

  5. That's a good question! I did that a little earlier today but don't know if it does anything! Hopefully, someone who has grown alot can tell us both if this works! ;) Thanks!

  6. This may sound stupid...how do I prune it? Just cut off the top shoots with a razor blade? :) I've been spraying the top and underside of the leaves a few times a day and they seem to bee softening up but not all of them. It seems to be just the very most top leaves (the ones that are fully formed, not new baby leaves). If it you know of a pruning guide or anything, I would appreciate it. You are soo helpful!

  7. It could be a nute deficiecy.Zinc or phosphorus,or too much nitrogen.I wouldn`t go hacking at a plant until I`m sure.

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