Wilting after recent nuting

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  1. Okay, so it seems I gave my plant some questionable nutes, which up until now have been fine. But My assumption is I #@*)ed up the roots, either burned with nutes or root rot. EITHER way, Its too hard to tell, but by looking at picture I'm hoping some sort of diagnosis can be reached.

    My MAIN question is whether or not I can transplant or cut this sucker up and re-grow roots, as the process might be similar to cloning? Is there some way I can save this guy? ? I feel as though the only way i can save him is if I transplant him into new soil after growing new roots using: water/medicene bottle/rooting solution or super thrive

    Is this possible? Anything will help - thanks!

    (attached are before and after pics)

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  2. HIGH All, the best thing is too find out what gave you the problem....and over ferting doesn't look like it. How much do you water, because it looks over watered. What type of lights you useing?
  3. i'm using 3 CFL's at the moment, i had a fourth one but it crapped out on me -- they are blue spectrum daily light bulbs -- 25w -> 100w energy savers -- lumens are in the 1000's

    i was thinking over-watering too - so I just mixed in some H2O2 in with my watering yesterday and i think i won't water it today
  4. only water when needed. That doesn't look like nute burn to me.
  5. i didn't water yesterday, and the day before that i watered with a few splashes of H202 mixed in with my distilled water.. hopefully that will help get o2 to the roots -- Today I don't think i'm going to water either.

    I figure i'll wait until the plant starts to wilt a little bit and then water with my H202 enriched distilled water.

    SOMETHING I didn't tell you all, is that i've been using a squirt bottle to water, with about 10 sprays around the plant every day. I have 3 gallon jugs of distilled water - one with Super thrive mixed in, one with pro bloom veg mixed in, and one plain distilled. Every third day or so I would mix in a little bit of the pro bloom mix -- and every... lets say 5th day i'd mix in the super thrive water. ....

    -NOW- ... after non-use, and from sitting there, there started to develop some odd stringy like substances floating in both the super thrive and the pro bloom mixes i made. I thought they MIGHT be fungus growth or bacteria or something, but I wasn't sure, so i used them anyway as NORMAL on my every other 3 day, or 5 day cycle - respectively. Coincidentally.... as soon as I started using the weird floaty-mixed-water... thats when it began wilting....

    It continued to wilt every day, consistently traveling from the lower leaves, upward. UNTIL, as i said earlier, I added the H202, which I think may have killed any fungi or bacteria, and helped O2 get to the roots.

    I know I left this out earlier but.. *shrug* :eek:

    I figure I'll toss out those infected jugs, or maybe just add H202 to it? H202 is great it seems. I dunno how many applications it can be used for.

    My plant seems to be sustaining SOME kind of (albeit LAME and PATHETIC) existence. Hopefully, though, I will be able to revive it some how... will super thrive help in this aspect? My current strategy is (as mentioned above) to water when needed (thnx up4anything) and when I do water, make sure there is a few splashes of H202 in it.

    If there is anything else anyone can recommend, I will highly indulge you.

    Thanks! :)

  6. make sure you store any mixed water or water that you will use on your plants where light will not get to them. Pour all that shit out and thoroughly clean your containers. Don't water for a couple more days. When you do water, water lightly and with a higher concentration of H2O2. Then wait until it BEGS for water again before you water again.

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