Discussion in 'General' started by Peace4me, Nov 22, 2002.

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  1. For once and for all I want to find out if anyone else has had good luck with \"willyhasthat.com\". I see a lot of people saying he\'s a scammer but I have bought from him 3 times and have received what I ordered. I want to know am I the only one who has received anything from them or has anyone else? I can\'t believe I am the only one who has had good results from them. I can\'t believe that he would choose to send only to me and no one else.

    I just placed another order with them and they Emailed me that it was sent on 11/20/02. It usually takes between 7 and 10 business days. My last order took 9 business days to get to me. I can\'t believe he\'s using me to scam people. That\'s why I want to know if anyone else has ordered and been scammed by them or are they getting what they are ordering. If he\'s legit then we should back him up. If not, then he should be blacklisted.

    I just want to make sure. If he\'s helping people then we have to be careful not to scare off a legit source. If he\'s a scammer, we should do what is necessary to get rid of him and let everyone know he\'s a scammer. Let\'s protect the legit\'s and rid ourselves of the scammers. If I\'m buying from a scammer then I will quit immediatly, otherwise I will keep buying from them and letting others know of them. Let\'s find out, for once and for all. Peace.
  2. Another \'This isn\'t a scam!\' post. pitiful, fuck off ya fucker
  3. I think ganja and I just got done discussing how some people will never learn in another thread!! jackasses....

    *beats head against the wall screaming learn you fucker, learn*

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