Willie Nelson strain

Discussion in 'General' started by purplehazed, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. I've smoked it. Smells and tastes of peanut butter. Pretty sativa high. Was surprised about the hype though. I didn't find it anything special. Smell was fantastic though. That might've been what did it.
  2. I smoked some of this in Amsterdam last year. It was a great high... I've been looking for seeds ever since.
  3. Nice, I've been looking for the genetics of the Willie strain. I have some bagseed planted from an amazing bag of Willie X White Widow (At least that's what they told me, I obviously can't be positive that that info is correct). Only found 3 seeds of it, and only 1 has germed so far....please be a lady!! Should hopefully be sprouting soon along with some Lemon Sour Deisel.

    Hope I don't kill any of them being that this is my first grow from begginning to end! ...This place has tought me so much though that my confidence level is pretty damn high with this grow.
  4. This strain is a great smoke. It has a very smooth head high, but definitely strong. Just an all over wonderful blend. I got some from a dispensary in Fort Collins. Colorado Herbal Remedies
  5. I had some of this today. It was GREAT! Here in Florida it was hard to come by though.
  6. I'm still looking for seeds...
  7. keep it and flower it anyway even if it is a male cuz im pretty sure the seeds will pay for the budless flower time and plus that sounds like some fire smoke:smoking::D
  8. Umm...Putting the thread to death now. :laughing:

    Head on down to the grow forums, anybody looking to get their grow on. :smoking:
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