Will You Let Youre Kids Get Stoned?

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  1. If so, at what age, and why?
    If not, why?
    I would definitally let my children smoke, both boys and girls. I would make one rule, though. If they smoke before 18(12 being the youngest i'll allow)they can only smoke within my house, so I know their safe while their doing it. Once they reach 18 they can do whatever the fuck they want, but under 18, they smoke only in my house. 
    The youngest age I would ever let my kid smoke, would be 12. I started smoking weed at the age of 10, but I feel that's a little young, so I bumped it up 2 years lol.
    Now, I know some of you are probably thinking, "wtf, 12!?" But, yeah, I started smoking at 10 and i'm fine, and I don't like being a hypocrite, specially not to my own seed.
    But that's only if they want to smoke at 12, i'm not going to just introduce it to them at 12, i'll wait until their 15, and if they haven't smoked yet, i'll ask them if they want to try it out, if not, okay, if so, okay as well.
    What about you guys?

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    Maybe once they're an adult I wouldnt frown upon it but if they started smoking as young as i did i would feel like i was a bad parent. not to say my grandma was a bad parent, it wasn't her fault i just have had a really stressful life. if i have kids i will make damn sure to be the father i never had.
    also this thread might get deleted and you might get an infraction for talking about minors smoking
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    Sorry I had to

    I think 12 is way too young. Most 12 year olds have barely started puberty. I will probably talk to then about it when they're young (around 11 or 12) and tell them to avoid it.

    That probably won't work, but it might dissuade them from smoking until they're 15 or so.
  4. I mean, I wouldn't ever just introduce it to them. I would also do my very best to completely hide it from them. If they asked me about it I would be completely honest, and I got that stoner radar, so I'll know when they're high, visine and cologne be damned. The first time I catch them I'll also have a talk and be completely honest about everything regarding the herb.

    I also don't mind if they go out of the house with it under 18. I did and I got caught, sure, but it was a lesson learned, and when I turned 18 it all went away. Where as if they go out at 18 with it, with no experience on dealing with the police and the nervousness and panic it can cause with weed on you, the officers are trained to pick up on that and if they get caught, they're tried as an adult and have a record, harder to get jobs etc.

    I would just let them be young while they are, and help give them a place of their own to smoke at that's safe at 18 like their own apartment/trailer etc.
  5. This thread exists somewhere Ive seen it before. But Im pretty sure Id want my kids to wait as long as possible. 18 maybe 17 nothing below
  6. Do u really think that idea of urs shall work ?
    "Under 18 smoke in my house only".

    Yeah sure, ever kid listens to thier parents when it comes to drugs, life, hey even relationship advise I mean the best times in my life was getting high under my parents roof . LOL ya right !

    But on the topic at hand , its up to the kid as regardless of what u say or do if they want to try something they will find a way . It's human nature of growing up .

    I think its just don't be a dick about it and make descent bonds with ur kids so at the least u know what's up even if they don't directly tell u .

    So please keep us up to date over the years and let us know how that idea I quoted u on worked out for u :)
  7. I wouldn't let them smoke before 15 because all the medical research on cannabis shows that people who smoked before 15 are worse off than those who waited until they were 15. Besides, i started at 15 and my parents were just like OP. They let me smoke as much as I wanted provided it was under their roof. 
  8. my son is 4 atm, and has autism. when he is older I certainly think that mmj will be beneficial to him, and would not be mad at him for doing it, but I also wouldn't promote it either.
  9. 12 is way too young.  i'm not gonna let them smoke but i'm not gonna exactly be anti-pot.  they'll learn from their mistakes and they'll probably start smoking at 15-16.  if they smoke before then i'll be strict with them
  10. yeah as long as they can maintain their grades and do it responsibly
    .... but this is if i ever have kidss......  :cry:
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    Yeah but not to early 14 or something, but really if your kid wants to toke, they will.
  12. cmon dont be a debbie downer...oh wait
  13. I dont think anyone should smoke before the age of 18. 
  14. I think the real question is, would you let yourself have kids?
  15. If I do ever have kids yeah I'll let them. They have to be at least 16 but can smoke in the house. I'd rather them be able to smoke safely at home than risk getting busted driving around with bud smoking in public. 
  16. I probably will but not until 16, and even at 16 only if they are mature. I started smoking at 14 and I believe it was too young for me. I didn't grow up and take weed seriously and start to grow up until 16. But of course I won't introduce it to my kid.
  17. I definitely wouldn't like for my son to smoke until hes an adult. As long as he's into activities and keeping himself busy, he doesn't need to smoke weed.

    If he ever got caught, I probably wouldn't be too crazy strict with him. But he would definitely know that I wasn't okay with it.

    I didn't start smoking weed until after I graduated high school and I dont feel like I missed out on anything.
  18. Don't have kids and when I do, I think I will have a different answer, maybe.

    But I will let my kids smoke to an extent and mabe 16 or when I see they are mature enough to handle it. I'll probably want to introduce them to it before their friends do. This way I can make sure they are getting the right information about maryjane and keep them a little smarter and safer about it. Plus I'd smoke with em lol.

    That could easily change though, especially if it's long down the road from now.
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    Yeah. If they are like 16 years old or older I'd accept it. If it started getting in the way of sports activities, school etc. then I'd be mad. Or if they get high at school that would bug me. 
    I'd rather have my kids getting smoking bud than coming home shitfaced any day though. 
    Yes, of course. I don't want kids at this moment, but I do want kids to carry my family name. My family isn't going to die with me, i'll make sure of it.
    Also, I know 12 is too young, and I wouldn't want them to start smoking at that age, but if they did, I wouldn't be mad, because I started younger.
    15 is a good age, I think. I wouldn't introduce them to it, per say, but by age 15, i'll most likely be smoking pot in front of them, and if they want to try it, i'll let them.
    Do I think that makes me a bad father? Hell no, what is a bad father? Generally, a bad father is someone who isn't there for you, that's my opinion of a bad father. A father who is there for you, and then gets you stoned when you're bored, is a pretty cool dad if you ask me. My father is the same way, he got me way fucking stoned when I lived with him when I was 16. 

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