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Will you let your children smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Trixie5, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I was thinking about this the other day. If I became a father idk how I would feel about my kids using "drugs". I would feel like a hypocrite telling them not to smoke pot but at the same time I feel I should tell them no and be a responsible parent. If you know what I mean. I love pot :smoking: and will always support its full legalization across all 50 states but I'm just not sure what I would tell my kids.

    What would you tell your kids? (Please no smart ass answers like "Oh man I would just toke up with them! Who cares!")
  2. I would let them smoke. But id be real strict about it. They cant drive high, or they cant get high if they didn't take care of there responsibilities. If hes doing bad in school, then I wouldn't allow him to smoke.
  3. Age 16. That's when I started and I think it's fine.
  4. Cannabis but not a thing else and only at my home. Not with the skeezick friends they are sure to make.
  5. Good points guys. I suppose I wouldn't have a problem as long as they didn't drive and did well in school. When I see it interfering with grades and other responsibilities I wouldn't let them.
  6. I agree. I would let my kids smoke weed, but if their grades started slipping or if they couldn't take care of their responsibilities I would take it away. And I would kick their ass if I found them with alcohol, cigs, or anything other than weed.
  7. I think it's really hard to say yes or no without actually having the kid first. Some kids can handle it and some can't, everyone is different so I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I probably will once they turn 17 or something, if they want to smoke before that they better hide it damn well and stay outta trouble.
  8. its really up to my kids, not me
  9. Let your kids smoke? I have 2 grown sons and as much as I tried not to let them know I smoked, it was a futile endeavor. The oldest has tried weed but doesn't like it, the youngest, 23, scores better bud than I ever did and he's very generous, too....
  10. Of course I would rather them not use it, but I don't see myself making a big deal about it as long as they were hanging out at home and not out being stupid. There would be other stipulations as well but I could see myself letting them. I likely won't be able to stop them but maybe I can have some control over it. And I don't have a set age. I'll have to see how mature they are.
  11. i would once they are out of high school and into college... thats how i did it and i think it benefited me in a lot of ways
  12. Well id considered myself a pretty big douchebag if i didn't considering how much of it i smoke..

    and with the advice i have to pass on about it i would have no worrys about him/her getting caught or in trouble because of it

    but if i noticed anything changing because of it that wasn't for the good it would be stopped of course
  13. all of the above. and if i let them smoke it'd be in my house. It's safer. I wouldn't want them to go looking around in sketchy places to smoke and fuck up. You know what i mean?
  14. I'd let my 16+ year old VAPE. But They would have to buy all herb through me. Drug deals are sketchy. I would have them vape because it is much healthier. But I can't control what they do outside the house. And only if they can maintain a B average.
  15. I agree with everyone saying they can smoke as long as they are responsible tokers. Also I would have a "house tax" which would allow me to take a small hit whenever I "catch em". So I'll just be walking along, see the deed and just say "house tax" and take a hit, or be like, "Intercepted!" but I won't be a dick about it..
  16. I would. I would feel weird knowing my kid was goin around gettin high like i used to though, you know? Maybe thats why so many parents appear anti weed. They used to smoke but its a awkward thing condoning the use of weed
  17. 100% agreed. Thats how it should be

  18. I agree with what you say, but as for the B average thing, I think it depends on the kid. I know kids that work really hard to maintain B's and C's, yet I also know kids that can get A's without even going to classes hahaha, screw them hahaha. But they'd have to get their work done before toking.
  19. After reading through everyone's thoughts, I can say that I would let them ONLY if they take care of there responsibilities. I wouldn't let them smoke under the age of 16 as well.
  20. #20 Sir Stoner, Dec 29, 2012
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    Well appeasing your child and letting them smoke will make them rotten, appeasment of any time will make a child a bastard, plus your life changes once you have a kid and you want to protect them, my childhood friends parents let him smoke and he ended up in prison for using and selling Unmentionables, hard ones

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