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Will you ever start smoking cigs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 281310, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Honestly i find it amazing that at 18 I've only smoked 1 cig and never gotten into them. I have always hated them and always told myself i would never get into them but i smoke a lot of worse things anyways... oh and black n milds too but whatever lol and for the cig smokers- Do you plan on ever quitting them?

    New title: Will you ever start/stop smoking cigs?
  2. ill never smoke a cig. whats the point? they are incredibly bad for you and you dont even get high
  3. I bought my first pack of cigs a couple weeks ago. I tried smoking one, and sure it felt good but I felt too gross after. So I gave the pack away and then continued to toke away :)
  4. Same here. I'm 18 Tried them
    A couple times but it's a dirty habit.

    I like my smoke cancer free ! :bongin:

  5. Do you drink or eat fast food lol

    Cause while drinking gets you "high" its fucking terrible for you.....

    And fast food, i mean, its the same as cigs.... no benefit.

    People enjoy it lol, thats why they start, then they become addicted.

    I smoke cigs... wish i didnt at this point, but i thoroughly enjoyed it for the first few years hahaha, now its just an addiction im breaking slowly (i only smoke 1-2 a day at this point lol)

    But to answer ops question in the post, not thread title, yes i will quit lol. I have been slowly quitting for 6 months... Went from a pack a day, to 1-2 a day in that time frame
  6. Fuck tobacco..

    Kush only in this pair of lungs
  7. since i was about 17 i've smoked quite a few cigs. it started out of intrigue, now i will have a cig if i feel like it and especially when i've been drinking.

    i think they have their place, i've managed to stick to just smoking 1 every few days or even weeks.

  8. I smoked cigs often for like 3 months but realized they were gross, a waste of money and unhealthy. I use to smoke black & milds all the time to but gave those up. They have made me, and a lot of friends, just throw up randomly since the tobacco is so gross and cheap. Only tobacco I smoke now is a real nice cigar every once in a while.
  9. i dont smoke tobacco & i've never understood why people do, almost all my friends do.
  10. Congrats man. That is a huge step forward to a better tomorrow :smoke:
  11. i dont think anyone really plans to start smoking cigs. i smoke cigs and i sure as hell didnt plan to lol. even though they are terrible for you i love ciggerettes but hate all otehr tobacco products. i do plan to quick eventually though

  12. I think cigs plan to start smoking you.

    I enjoy the occasionally cigarette specifically if I have been drinking but I've never bought a pack for myself. cigars are much more enjoyable.
  13. i smoke cigs when i'm drunk, and only 1-2. i smoke a nice hand rolled cigar every few months but that's it. i don't ever plan on being an everyday cig smoker.
  14. they don't do anything for me so I threw em to the side years ago
  15. I plan on stopping soon. Ive tried over and over all year
  16. I'm in the process of quitting right now
  17. I smoke each kind of cigarette once. Like I've probably tried over 15. I just bum them off people. My dad smokes but I don't find the urge. Some do taste good but there's nothing great about it but it's a 50/50 for me if someone offers one
  18. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']I plan on stopping soon. Ive tried over and over all year[/quote]

    Same man.

    Not sure whose great words they are, I want to say Mitch hedgeberg.... "I'm an expert at quitting, I've done it hundreds of times"
  19. I started smoking at 16. 3 years of off and on smoking later, I quit.
    Haven't had a cig in 3 weeks :D
  20. Never. I like smoking to get high and that's it. Plus everyone that smokes them always says to never start.

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