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    Room description
    Anyway, I have a 1000 watt HPS in my closet with a 4 inch inline fan rated at 170 cfm. The closet space is about 8x4 and the room is about 8x10. I have the fan pulling air from right next to the non-vented hood and also have a window a/c cooling the room and closet together. With the closet door open all the time temps stay around 84 to 90 in the closet and 75 on the a/c thermostat.

    If I block off say a 4 1/2 to 5 foot area with plastic(making a 4w x 5L x 9h) would I be able to keep the area cool with the non-vented 1000 watt light. I figure my fan would be more efficient only having to cool the smaller area but am worried the 1000 watt would be too much for it.

    I plan on buying a 2x4x6 tent and putting my 400 watt HPS in it and using it as a mother/clone/Veg chamber and will more than likely move the 4 inch fan to it for cooling. So that would leave me needing a fan and another hood(the 1000 watter is using the 400 watters hood). I would like to get by with my plans with the 4 inch fan for now being I have a few weeks of veg ahead of me and would like to hold off certain expenses until they are needed and the extra cash is around. Also a vented hood for the 1000 watt is planned but as already stated:rolleyes:. So can I do it?

    And when I get my hood should I get a 6 inch or 8 inch vent? and would the fan required for that cool the light and the room if it was connected like ..../shade/fan/out of room.

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