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  1. will 3 5 gallon buckets and 2 4foot 40watt florecent lights work for a small closet grow?(it says thier used for fish tanks and indoor growing on the package)
  2. you got the bulbs in the green package. I bought some early in my indoor growing stage only to realize they are closely a scam. They are only usefull as a supplementary light to maintain heathy plants indoors during the winter. As the guy at Lowes told me " they will keep plants heathy looking but the plants won't really grow". I'm a first time grower myself and will be using a pair of those with a pair of cool white. After reading up more on these things I feel that CFL bulbs (the twisted florescent socket bulbs) are the better way to go. the tubes put out alot of light for a room but not much in a concentrated area. Also daylight bright is much better than cool white. (6500k vs 4500k).

    Use CFLs. read the sticky in tha absolute beginer section (CFL guide). get 6500k bulbs for growth and 2700k for flowering. don't get anything less than 26 watt (equivalent to 100 watt incandescent) but your plants want the monstrous 65 watt CFL. I know Lowes carries them. My current plan is to get some basic light sockets to hang in the closet so the lights can dangle around my plants at various hight. (the way the classic attic light does). The four tubes will still be used though. No need wasting light.

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