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  1. I'm thinking about using an old chest freezer 36" high X24" wide X 48" long to grow maybe 3 plants at a time. It will be fitted with inlet and extraction fans and i will incorporate some lighting into the lid. When the lid is closed it should look pretty innocent. I'm not quite sure how much / what type of lighting to use. any suggestions? And do you think it will work?

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    I for see 2 major problems with the system you want to use..
    1. You are not leaving any room for growth. I got 7 week old girls that are 2 1/2 ft tall..They still got 6 or 7 weeks left to grow..Even if you top them, you won't have enough room..I guess you could gradually bend them over..{I hate doing that!}

    2. You better get alot of ventolation in that freezer..In the summer months you may have more problems then you want to deal with..

    I hope this helps..:D

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  3. You might want to consider this system for your grow? :D

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