Will this work?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smoking Buddah, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Ok here is the scenario:

    Pot: Average Terra Cotta pot used for flowers
    Growing Medium: Dirt/Multch mixture made for reptile habitats
    Seeds: Bag Seed
    Lighting: Average 60w house bulb in a Desklamp (the ones that have the littel turn knob on the side....)
    Ferts: None (only what's in the dirt to begin with)

    I'm not really looking for the best grow/THC level, i am just wanting to know if this will grow a Marijuana plant?
  2. I doubt it. Incandescent light bulbs are supposed to be
    pretty much useless for growing a plant. Not the right
    spectrum. If you can, go out and get a compact flourescent.
    You can screw that right into your desk lamp, and you should
    be able to grow with it.

  3. true...
  4. I'm almost positive this is what your talking about... am i right??? this is a 60 as well.

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  5. sorry for the double post, but i'm thinking about changing the pot from the terra cotta one to like 2/3 of a 2 leter coke bottle...... will this work as well? it's a bit larger, but skinyer

  6. Yup. That looks like a compact flourescent to me.

    With just one, you're not gonna get much yield, but it will grow a plant.
  7. ok, also... it's been planted for 2 days so far.... i understand that plants don't grow over night, but when should i expect to see any thing (if at all.... :( )? like a week or 2?
  8. Did you germinate the seeds first?
    I'm new to this whole thing but I found that within a few days I got one little sprout for each plant I'm growing.
  9. ok, i feel like a fucking retard!!! I completely forgot to germinate outside of the soil! I know ou can germinate in the soil, but it's been a week so i just descided o dig the seed up, i didn't care if this was going to kill it because i was fed up with not seeing any results in this ammount of time! Come to find out the seeds where dead and wouldn't have grown any ways! So right now i have no more seeds.... i'm growing an apple tree in the meantime untill i get more bag seed, the only thing is my dealer most of the time de-seeds the 1/8's i get (more accurate 1/8 of pot).

    Maybe i'll have better luck with the apple tree than the marijuana? lol, i just hope i get some seeds soon...
  10. Apple tree - retard

  11. Why are you growing an apple tree
  12. growing an apple tree because i like apples and i want a tree, why do people believe in God? Some questions are just better left unasked!
  13. Makes sense, its just that trees, well...take for ever to grow.
  14. got a 4 foot granny smith in my window. not many people can say that.
    if u want apples off it tho you have to have a male and a female apple tree and some bees help aswell.
    ask your dealer if you can buy a 8th of fat seeds off him. im sure he will do you a good deal.
    IMO the little fluro is a waste of time.
    find a sunny place or get a bigger light.
    the cf will just piss you off.
  15. im growing a mango tree.. that that take ages to give its first flowers, and then turn into the fruit..... 1 year, and pretty big mango tree...latezz..
  16. i only have the 1 tree but its in a pot.
    when i think its ready i'll put it in the car and drive it out in the country to where i know theres some other apple trees.
    let her have her fun then bring her home and wait for the patter of tiny apples falling.

    its a hobby :)

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