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  1. now I am trying to build a small area that I can put in the corner of my room and grow one plant this my test box. I have it set up with small 6-7 inch fluorescent lights. The box is lined with tin foil I have a computer fan hooked up to the out side and a tube coming out to pour water into the soil from outside the box.

    Now the corners of the box have the lights going from the middle of the box then more at the top. My goal is to make the plant bushy. The main idea behind the watering system is to keep is relatively hidden and unnoticed. This is why I use computer fans. ever one thinks my computer is on :D. I do have a fresh cloned female in this box at its about 12 inches wide 12 inches long and 24 inches tall. I know its a pinch small but I am hoping this will work cause I would love to have a small area to grow a plant.

    Any constructive thoughts?
  2. I read the words Tin foil and stopped, Tin foil is awful get mylar or something else if you can.

    Good luck
  3. ditch the "watering system". you need to water them by hand so you can check to see if they even need watering.

    also, as usual_suspect sad, foil is no good. use mylar or at least white paint
  4. No foil! Paint flat white if you can't get any mylar.

    Yes like Legalize.Me said water by hand, and don't give any nutes for the first couple of weeks...or you could wind up killin them.

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    Six inch fluoros? What wattage, spectrum, etc?

    Will you have intakes as well as exhaust? Soil or not? What type? Are you set to monitor and adjust pH? Temps? Blah blah.

    We need a lot more details on your set-up, but from what you have described so far it sounds like you don't really know what you are doing yet and so will not be successful. 12x12x24 is tiny, it can be done but only with experience. Read up more, check the sticky posts here in the Indoor section and also in the Beginners section.
  6. mm, ok its blueberry for the strain, I just painted the inside of the box white.
    Yes the box has 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans. no plant is inside atm. I have 2 100 watt bulbs at the bottom and 2 more 250 watt bulbs at the top, they are using the sun bulbs, or what ever fred myers calls them. I do have a digital themomater in the box. I am not following ph balances.

    It will be getting on-off neutriant water. it gets 12 on 12 off atm. It is is fertilized soil with plenty of plant food. I know the 12x12 is small for growth but the 24 inchs tall plus it would take me a few seconds to make it taller if need be. For now I am going with this hoping it will work just fine.

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