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will this work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by J4K3ST3R, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. aight, i want to order a pax by ploof here after christmas if i rack in enough money... and i cant ship it to my house:( but theres a house down the street thats vacant... could i mail it there? and just get it right after the mail guy drops it off???
  2. mom is gonna see u over there and shes gonna be suspicious. PO box it
  3. Saca is right. Find a trustworth older friend OR use something like a p.o. box.

    There is a drawback to P.o. boxes though. Many companies wont send packages to PO boxes, from personal experience you can find somewhere not affiliated with USPS, like a fed ex store, or a normal shipping store. These stores usually allow you to rent a box of theirs for a low month to month fee. You get to use their actual street address with a suite number instead of a "PO box". Its typically more secure than having your weed products sent to your local federal mail center. Just look around for places like that and compare rates. good luck bro.
  4. No do general delivery. Google the correct formatting. They will ship the package general delivery to the post office of your choosing. You walk in tell them your name and they will give you your package. I did this with an MFLB. Twice.
  5. No, don't ship it to a vacant house. If you are seen taking the package it's a federal offense.

    Like Arlees said, general delivery, but check online. Not every post office accepts general delivery. Also you will have to show ID, so make sure your age corresponds with the legality of the item in your area.
  6. why cant i make my own thread?
  7. maybe I need five posts?
  8. maybe seven is the lucky number?
  9. In other cultures eight is?
  10. I doubt nine will do it. What an unnoticeable number
  11. TEN has got to be it!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. god damn it!!!! uggghhgh how many do I friggin need to post shit damn it
  13. I am sincerely sorry that I "shat" all over your worthwhile thread. I'm just a wee frustrated and high. byeee
  14. mailman delivers mail 6 days a week, all of a sudden he's got a "package" for the abandoned house that he passes at least twice a day.
  15. i wouldn't that could be sketch; all dependin on your hood i guess though. i'd prolly do P.O. box more likely or find a buddy bruh

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