will this work for a small grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jeffro34, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. ok so my plan is to grow about two or three plants inside of my guitar amp. I know what your thinking.....shity idea, but this is what i want to do. i just want to start the seedlings off in there untill they are too big then i will take them outdoors. there is a large amount of room too, considering the fact that i took out the speaker.

    Ok so my problem right now is finding a light that will work. since the plants will only be starting out in there for a few weeks.... i thought i could find a small enough bulb to fit in there......they make small fluoresent lamps like these ones shown below: but will it work cause the bulb is so small??

    Also when i took out the speaker i filled up the space with a black sheet of paper so you cant tell its gone.....i was wondering if this is a fire hazard or not. Sorry if this is a dumb idea, but i think it could work. so help me out please
  2. Sure you could start a seedling in there but within three weeks or so it is going to be difficult. For lighting you should get 2 CFLs (compact floros).
  3. dont use that thing man.its friggin battery powered! why not just hang a damn flashlight from ur ceiling..

    seriously it breaks my heart to see what some people want 2 grow under or ARE growing under:(
  4. is it a full stack amp with a cabnit that has 4 speakers. those could actually work maybe . put back end on and cut off the top of the cabnit so you can have easy access for watering and use decent lights
  5. Yea man thats a tight idea that whay im doing but in an old trunk, what im doing is puttin in a few of the highest powerd cfls i can find and circulating air with a pc fan its working allright a touch hot need better ventlation.
  6. deary me. surely youve a cupboard you could use? or something... good luck boys

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