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will this work for a reflector

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by lacrossestar, May 16, 2003.

  1. i have two of these and i plan on using CFL with them and scrog ill only be growing one plant (maybe 2) but im in the process and design on building a box i am also going to lst my plants

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  2. where can i get a reflector for a cfl that is not in a grow shop unless its like pikes or something
  4. thst should work good:). make sure that your using a high wattage CF because your reflector takes up alot of room. personally, I would rather us a bunch of coke can reflectors and have more lights. I'm designing a custom roof flashing material reflector that should be done on tuesday. You should check it out and see if you want to use that instead;).

    good luck and happy growing!:)
  5. that is the exact same reflector that i use in my grow box i used two of them and some compact flourescents and they work great!!!
  6. Well pal that is exactly what I am using. Two of those with cfls. They are good for a while but when the plants get bigger they dont offer the light requirements that pot needs.they work great at first though
  7. Just use flat white paint, better then mylar and all the other stuff.
  8. ditto^^^^^ and cheaper as out......Sid
  9. if you can affor it go with flat white green house paint, with titanium for max. reflectivness:)
  10. i just used a normal house lite shade, ripped all that flowery cloth crap off it and gaffa taped some black n white plastic in place of the cloth and bingo! it looked after my seedlings till i cud get another tube 4 my fluro. infact it worked so well i tend to use it insted of the larger lite when i only have a few plants. cost me about 6pence to make.
  11. you mean like a lamp shade? how does that work?
  12. i'l get a photo sorted asap, hard to explain. but yeah just a normal lamp shade.
  13. like a regular reading table type lamp? or one of those clip on lamps?
  14. the type that hang from the celing.
  15. oh ohhhh Ok , not the shitty paper type:D
  16. MrERoach, how many watts were your cfls?

  17. is that a reflector????

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