will this fan work??

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  1. hey guys, i need to upgrade the fan on my grow box really bad.here's some stats
    9 cubic foot box
    208watts of cfls
    carbon filter

    the fan i want to get is an 80cfm 4 inch duct fan. i hope this will be enough to pull through the carbon filter. right now i just have 2 23cfm pc fans and the temps in the box will reach about 95 with the top on and the air coming in is anywhere from 65-72 at the most.
    4 inch INLINE DUCT BOOSTER FAN exhaust blower cooling | eBay
  2. anything is better than pc fans make sure u use the pc fans for intake air and that inline fan for exhaust the carbon filter and length of ducting will affect air flow so i would place filter on the end of the duct and the fan next to or inside the grow box
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    i was planning on connecting the carbon filter to the wall on the inside of the box and have the duct fan attached directly on the other side on the outside. the carbon filter is 4 inched in diameter as well so theres no wasted space and this should create optimal airflow correct? the carbon filter lightproofs it so theres no need for any actual ducting right?

    im still wondering, i need to know if the cfm will be sufficient before i buy it because im on a tight budget and cant afford to waste any money so if someone could help me figure that out id really appreciate it.
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    holy shit, good lookin out man, thats way better. i dont really know how i will fit this on my setup though, how will i make it pull exhaust through a 4 inch carbon filter without using ducting for stealth reasons +rep even though it doesnt count for nothin haha

  5. they have 4" to 6" aluminum adapters. Do you already have the carbon filter? It seems like you could make it work with some basic tools.

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