will they make it?

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    these plants where not grown by me till this point i just got them back in soil after they been out for 24+hours. ill just tell you the story.

    yesterday i was cruising grasscity doing research for growing a few plants texting a girl. she asked what i was doing i replayed looking up how to grow some plants. she said her mom found some plants in her flowerbed(her dad is an ex-grower thats how they knew what they looked like). she asked if i wanted them and asked her to send me a picture of them not know how big they may be.they where maybe a week old little sprouts but thats a week head start on what i had. i had her put the roots in wet paper towel and in a bag they stayed that way all night and lived in her purse most of today. now they are planted and here are some pics from my cell phone so low quality.

    healthy leaves bent stem (plant one)

    better shot of stem damage (plant one)

    wilting and healthy stem (plant two)

    wilting leaves (plant two)

    both of them (left: plant one right: plant two)

    neither plant can stand on its own strength this is both plants propped up(left: plant one right: plant two)

    this is both plants in there area to grow i have foil white paint and a mirror to try and direct sun from my window onto the plants(left/top: plant one right/bottom: plant two)

    zoomed out view of the window to show more of how its set up(left/top: plant one right/bottom: plant two)

    more on my setup:
    -i used miracle grow as soil (friend just told me this could make the plant unsmokable form chemicals in the soil is the true?)
    -plastic bottle as pots with drainage holes in them.
    -plan on using sunlight for light source also any comments on my setup i know its really cheap but post what you think of it and any ideas to improve it.
    -the fan in my room blows on the plants a little

    these are the first alive plants i have ever even seen in person so im new to this
    let me know anything that might help and how close was i on the week old guess?
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    Well, I don't know if they will survive what they went through to get to you, but if they do, you'll have to change a few things.

    First off, bury the stems with some more dirt so they are shorter and this will help them to stand up on their own. You could add at least 2-3 inches of dirt to those if not more.

    Second, if you are going to use sunlight you have to make sure it is not going through the glass of the window or it will not be very good light for your plants. This means you'll have to keep your window open all the time and the plants in the direct path of the light. The light reflecting off foils or paint isn't enough by itself. If you want to use the sun then you should plant them outside where they can get a lot of direct sunlight during the day.

    However, if you can't leave them outside, I would get a couple fluorescent tubes or Compact Fluorescent lightbulbs, they are cheap and they don't pull much energy. You can put them really close to the plants because they don't get very hot, and they are a good light to use to get seedlings going.

    Also, are you sure that they are MJ plants? If they were just growing in somebody's flower garden and nobody planted seeds there or anything, they could be something else. Elm tree seedlings look a lot like MJ when they first sprout, and I'm sure there are other plants that do as well.
  3. My honest advice is that you should start again.

    Get some seeds, read everything you can, get your grow environment sorted out, then plant a bean.

    This is no way to start a grow and those fellas are so weak I can't see them making it. Sorry. :smoking:
  4. they where in worse shape when i woke up so i killed them and will be starting new hopefully this grow stays out of the sick plants and problems section. thanks so much for the info it will be used on try #2
  5. Sorry it didn't work out this time. It is better to be organised to grow mj though. Formulate a plan, then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

    Good luck. :)

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