Will they grow??

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  1. ok... two days ago me and my friend took bout .. 10 seeds and planted them along this canal thing in the woods.. its a pretty moist area, and sunny, so i thought they would get good sun and water being right next to the small creek.. we took the seeds straight from a bag of weed we bought.. should some sprout? im not sure if I shouldve soaked em first.. or if they were any good or what??? i need some help here.. id appreciate it.. L8r
  2. Where do you live ?

  3. I live in North Carolina.
  4. So you have good weather then, well they might grow not sure, dare say i have ever tryed but what can you lose ? its worth a try you never know they might grow..keep me posted m8.

  5. I'd imagine that they will grow, but, What is the area like. Is the spot high enough above high water stage. Is it secure, if not u will have to move them. All things have to be considered. Check them daily, some seeds sprout amazingly quick,and some do not. good luck no matter what
  6. Well there was plenty of different places to plant the seeds.. so I just decided to plant them in a few different areas near the canal. its pretty well hidden too. no one goes back there and its really grown up around it, so hopefully they arent noticeable. im not sure bout the soil, though. some places i planted the seeds was fairly sandy.. but some i planted were in a real thick dark soil. I dunno, I guess i'll just experiment and see what works best.. thanx for ya'lls advice
  7. If polk berry plants grow there, weed will definately grow there. Keep your eye out for the polk berries (if you live in the South you know what these purple berry plants that stain your clothes are).

    EDIT: I forgot, some people call it pokeweed or poke salad

    try this link for polk berry


    Plant you a seed where these thrive and your weed will thrive, I knew growing up a hillbilly would be good for something one day.
  8. YEA i know exactly what your talkin about.. i see those things growing around my house.. next time i go back to check my seeds in the woods.. i will look for some of those plants.. im positive they are back there somewhere in those woods.. i just aint been lookin for em.. i dont remember seeing any in the places i put my seeds though.. should i plant some with those polk berry plants???
  9. sorry it took so long to reply, but the poke weed is a good indicator where mj will grow. keep and eye on your current seeds and if you have any extra plant 'em in the poke weed patch, they are also a good camo for the weed
  10. in addition to BPP's post....Stay clear of pine type trees,,always plant on south facing shore or slope for best sun exposure.


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