Will these lights be enough?

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    Currently my lights suck and aren't powerful at all because Im on a budget. I bring my plant indoors at night because my other ones got stolen (i think by a "friend") but I get most of my light from the sun. I just bought a new LED light, its one of those ones that hang from the ceiling. Its cheap and only 36W but hopefully ill work up to a better one eventually.

    Anyway, I also bought an extra lightbulb socket so Ill have 3 + the 36W light. My question is will the 36W LED + a 17 watt(100 watt replacement) LED + an 18 watt CFL + a 13 watt CFL (84W total) do any good for my grow? I'll still be putting it out in the sun on sunny days but it will be inside when im asleep during lights on and when its raining/overcast.
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  2. I did similar 1st grow , the only draw back is the bud will be fluffy airy
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  3. yeah i kinda thought that might be the case. Even with sunlight when its available will it still be airy?
  4. some were solid some were popcorn some were fluffly it all smoked good though so don't worry about that part
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