will these ever flower? Mayb throw them?

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  1. hi,
    Ive been growing lemon skunk female seeds for almost six week now iam using a 125w light mantain good temp use all biobizz feeds flowered them from 18/6 to 12/12 at two weeks as told to on biobizz grow leaflet
    Its been three weeks of 12/12 and no sign of preflowers at all cant believe it!
    They both look healthly however they have seemed to stop growing now.
    Anyone any ideas?

    Thanks, andy

  2. So you're growing lemon skunk, and 2 weeks into it's life you switched it to a flowering light cycle?

    I think you should keep it on 18/6 for about month or two of steady growth before trying to flower.

    or is this a type of lemon skunk autoflowering:confused:?
  3. you should be fine anyways... switching back to veg lighting now could seriously fuck up the plants, especially if they're a little picky...

    it's normal, that if a plant still needs to grow before flowering, it just does, even on 12/12... :D also when they stop stretching, flowers should pop out soon...

    another possibility is that you might have some light leaks, preventing them from getting the 12 hrs. of darkness required and thus keeping them in veg... 5 lumen are enough to do that...

    good luck
  4. says it all, give her some time;)
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    many thanks for quick replies

    would i very slight light leak keep them in veg...only have them in a ziped up tent in kitchen and sometimes have kitchen light on when ther light goes out however this is only for short periods and when i check tent it appears to be dark the only possible leak is through a tiny gap in one of the tent vents.

    also u mention, "5 lumen are enough to do that" is that light keeping them in veg?

    cheers, andy
  6. yup, a tiny gap is enough... flowering is triggered and kept going by a hormone which gets broken down by light... so if the 12hrs darkness isn't real darkness the levels of said hormones don't rise high enough to kick it into flowering... so take care of any light-leak issues with high priority... :D

  7. i've had a similar issue. it's true that slightest dullest leak of light ruins the flower ability. it must be totally pitch black in there if you want flower development. one way toknow is by turning the regular surrounding lights on, going in and closing the door and see light.
  8. nice1

    after taping up vents ect 2 stop light leaks wil i need change lighting from 12/12 to anything as if they have not flowered in 12/12 cos of leaks??

    thanks agen
  9. just taking care of all the light leaks should do the trick,
    you could try giving them something like 10/14 IF they don't flower within a week or two... :D
  10. Just patch the leaks and leave it on 12/12.
  11. Plants will also not flower until they are sexually mature, regardless of how long they have been in 12/12 light. This is usually between 4 and 8 weeks. Do you have alternating nodes?
  12. I agree, patch those leaks.. They might become troublesome later on down the flowering road... Light leaks will cause some hermie action if they are female..
  13. So if they were outside. Wouldn't moon light effect flowering?
  14. thanks guys

    yeah ther female lemon skunk

    hope they dont go hermie u fink they defo wil?

  15. alternating nodes wots them mate?


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