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Will THC Show up in Chlamydia test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by R0Y5TON, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I took a Chlamydia test the other day at college ( we had a Sex Education talk and we got offered to take a test and know one would so I thought ide set an example and do it.) so I pissed in a bottle handed it over and will get the results within a week. But anyway will the chemical I think its THC show up in my pee?

    I'm not worried or anything I'm English and they seem pretty lax on drug testing. And I'm 18 so I don't need to worry about my parents finding out. But if THC did show up, would they write it on a report they make?
  2. Well that depends, have you been smoking chlamydia?
  3. If they aren't testing for drugs then they won't notice or care, in a std test they generally test just for that.
  4. and its not illegal to have go positive for a drug test, for all they know ur meds come up pos forr thc
  5. If it does they won't say anything to your parents/police. It's not illegal to have been high. And they're supposed to have doctor/patient confidentiality.
  6. OP got that clap !
  7. They aren't testing for that so no nothing will happen to you. Even if they did test for that nothing will happen. It's a voluntary STD test,the only person to get the results will be you.
  8. If you get a drug test, it tests for drugs. If you get tested for an STD...I think you know what comes next.

    No, THC will certainly not show up on your STD test. :facepalm:
  9. Can you point me in the direction of "meds" that will put THC in you? Because other than Marinol, which I doubt OP takes, I don't know of any.
  10. [quote name='"GreenCrackYUM"']

    Can you point me in the direction of "meds" that will put THC in you? Because other than Marinol, which I doubt OP takes, I don't know of any.[/quote]

    Yeah that's some bullshit. But op it cost money to test for different things. If they are giving you a free test for stds they aren't going to spend any money to test your urine for drugs.
  11. It's a fucking chlamydia test, they're not looking for weed.

  12. /thread

  13. OP... You didn't , oh I don't know.. Consider this?
  14. Can we get an update on OP's chlamydia? Or what's up?
  15. You'll be arrested and you will die.

    Just kidding though, if they aren't screening for it, it won't show up. That simple.
  16. I ain't got Chlamydia or anything. I've only had sex with one women. I took it to set an example because everyone else was to chicken to do so.

    I'm not paranoid about cannabis showing up. I was merely asking a question whether it would or not.
  17. Threads like this make me think, "WTF? Lucky bastard must be higher than I am."
  18. Lol no, they test for the STD, not THC. Tests only show a positive or negative for what they test for.
  19. Ummm, I don't think you piss for a chlamydia test... They stick a giant cotton swab up your dick....? Or that might be something else.

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