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Will synthetic pee go bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by kashii, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. ok so i have an interview for wal-mart Wednesday and i will have to pass, needless to say im not using my own pee, a guy i know gave me some synthetic pee in an airtight container and told me he has had friends pass with it before but i have a few questions.

    -It has a temp thing on it but how do i get it to the right temp?

    -will it go bad since its in an airtight container, i've been keeping the container in ice

    -it smells a little strong should i dilute with a little water and if so how much?

    -how can i strap it down there because i cant keep it in my pockets, friends of mine that work there say they make you empty your pockets before the test.

    any and all help appreciated thanks.
  2. bump, really need help guys.
  3. I have no clue. Im just doing the old fashion way and passing one with my own pee :p
  4. Good Old Synthetic, has gotten me out of a couple jams at work. What your gonna want to do is go and buy some hand warmers. When you usually buy a pack it will come with one. You microwave it for about 15-30 seconds and then you rubberband the hand warmers on it. It should keep the urine at a temp of about 98 degrees. When you go in for the test they test the temp to make sure if came from a human. You do not have to keep it on ice. They stay inside smoke shops for months with no problems at all. Do not dilute it. Its just enough for you to pass the test and you dont want to ruin the stuff with water.
  5. Where some boxer briefs and just keep it tucked. lol

  6. The urine will have to be between 90-100 degrees to pass.
  7. i went to wal-mart they dont sell hand warmers this time of year will keeping it in between my legs get it to the right temp since after all pee is the temp of body heat so i figre that would work but i want to be sure
  8. another thing does wal-mart drug test you on the first interview or the second?
  9. I tried to buy some at Wal-Mart too but they didnt have it, but the suggested that I go to Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop. How long will it be between you microwave it and take the test. You should test it while your at home, to see if it stays in the range for long enough. warming it up will not make it go bad
  10. well its got one of those temp things like you put on a fish tank on it within the range of 90-100 degrees and i put it between my legs to test and it said 98 but i cant tell if that was just the temp thing that was 98 or contents of the bottle

    and also i live in a small town wal mart is pretty much all we have here :\
  11. Put the fake piss in a condom and tie it up... then tape to your inner thigh. then tape hand warmers around it.

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