Will swimming stop me from gaining muscle?

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  1. I only recently started going to the gym to gain muscle mass, but I've always went swimming a few times a week and people have told me this might stop me from gaining muscle mass for whatever reason; is it true? And if it is, is there any way to continue swimming if I want to put muscle mass on? Thanks :smoking:
  2. If you are over working youraelf sure. If your not eating enough food sure. If your not drinking enough water 1-2 gallons a day sure... no swiming in a pool of water wont efdect yo ur muscle
  3. Have you ever seen a swimmers body? They are ripped as fuck. You definitely gain muscle but its different from say solely working out in a gym.
  4. No. Swimmings the best excercise. It stretches your muscle compared to weightlifting where you gain muscle. A workout followed by a swim is a great combo. But always eat ya protein
  5. Swimming will actually benefit your mass-gaining program, so as long as you keep the consumption of calories high enough. Swimming will help keep your joints healthy and increase your endurance (which can only benefit your cardiovascular system).
  6. It will help you build muscle but it will also hurt the building of mass because it will slim you down just like any cardiovascular exercise.
  7. No. As long as you eat and you'll gain regardless of swimming
  8. Alright, thanks guys. I was just told swimming took away from your muscle building because it makes you more skinny or 'lean', guess that's not the case as long as I eat right :smoking: cheers!
  9. swimming will cut your body fat percentage greatly. It's used more to define muscle then build actual mass, but if you have mass it's not going to make you smaller, if anything it will make your work more noticable. Plus being in the water is great for your joints, and muscles.
  10. As long as you do not " over " swim. Just like if your building muscle you don't want to over due your cardio. Keep it for after your workout though.
  11. I've swam for years, and i've always found that it's gotten me in better shape than anything i could ever do, including lifting.

    Lifting might make you bigger, but it won't make you lean, and i've found that with swimming, you can eat close to anything, and as long as you do a decently intense swimming workout, you always get in great shape and end up being really lean and in shape.

    Don't stop swimming man, it'll give you a body that chicks fall in love with.

    Hell man, just go lift your regular lifts, then cool off with a decent swim.

    Here's the routine i use:

    Warm up with a 500 freestyle, then continue with:

    5 sets of 100 freestyle

    5 sets of 100 IM (fly, back, breast, free)

    10 sets of free but do 50's by going half pool length, then doing your flip turn in the middle of the pool and use your kick to propel yourself (like a kick off the wall)

    after doing that, just do 2 ,200's of your choice of stroke.

    I'd cool down with 50's of free and breast stroke alternating stroke.

    each time you reach the end of a 50 just do a few pushups on the sides of the pool and do bobbers in the deep end to cool off a little.

    Afterwards just relax and enjoy your great looking body, and all the girls that watched you do your badass workout.

    Believe me, the chick lifeguards at the pool will always come up and talk to you :p. Atleast that's what happens to me.

    By the way, wear a black speedo when you get good.

    No reason in having so much drag from a suit. Even though it is better for the workout, it's just better to be in a speedo with that body :p

  12. So glad i got into swimming at a young age :p

    People always called us swimming nerds, but we were ripped swimming nerds :p
  13. Well you're gonna burn more calories, but even if you're trying to gain muscle it's bad to not do any cardio at all. I love going for a swim after working out to wash all the sweat off.
  14. Yeh you won't lose muscle persay, but they might shrink slightly because your increasing your stamina not improving your muscle mass. Just do some basic light weights on the side (swimming athletes are ripped cause they work out and do resistance training as well). You will get leaner though.

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