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Will stunted autoflower still flower?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by 2Bugs, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. I have a Sugar Mango Ryder currently about 40 days old, and it is just now approaching a mere 5 inches tall. It was apparently stunted in its very early seedling stages.

    I germinated it using paper towel method, and placed it in a SOLO cup of Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Once it finally emerged, its growth was extremely slow, and seemed to halt altogether until I removed it from Ocean Forest and placed it in Sunshine Grow Mix #4. I realize Ocean Forest is a bit heavy for young taproots to maneuver through, and its nutrient content can burn seedlings, but we have been successful before using it.

    Sunshine does have lots of perlite, which in my experience makes it hard for a germinated seed to grow through the medium. We need to get a seedling starter medium like FF Light Warrior, or something else?

    It did start to grow in the new, no-burn medium very slowly. Its growth finally exploded when I transplanted it from SOLO to a 1-gallon container with Ocean Forest and dolomite lime on April 7. It looks great, but is it very behind in growth. Will it still go on to flower and just take longer than two months, or did I ruin its life cycle and shouldn't expect it to flower?

    Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry for the long story.


  2. Some plants have crap genetics to begin with. In all my experience, I always have a few stragglers in my seeds. Looks healthy though.. keep in mind a plant only flowers in a desperate attempt to become pollinated and keep its line of genetics going.. Change the light cycle.. and shell be absolutely fine. Cold weather can attest to slow growth, but i see your leaves are green so im guessing youre sitting around the 65-80 range. Give her 12//12 and shell be a happy girl.
  3. Thanks man, I figured since this was an autoflower that it was going to flower at a set date instead of light change.
  4. Just seeing what anyone thinks of this stunted 40-day-old Sugar Mango Ryder. Will it flower eventually, even though it was stunted early in life?
  5. Yeah it should flower...I'm kinda surprised it hasn't already. My autos started flowering close to day 30.
  6. my autos showed sex at day 13.... had buds by day 25..... so looks like youre gonna be waiting a while till harvest, which by the size of your plant looks like youlll only get a oz tops.

    my experiance with stunted autoflowers is that dont nearly produce as much as they would without stunted growth, due to the fact that they have a really short life cycle and mishap greatly effects yield.
  7. Thats what I figured also. I was curious to get opinions on if it would flower irregular now; which by your response. I think its safe to say its a little late for it flowering. Lets just hope it ever flowers! Thanks guys.
  8. I've read that some people who have ordered autoflower seeds got photoperiod seeds instead...I dunno if this is the case for you, but it's a possibility.
  9. Thanks man, I guess that is a true possibility. This was just a freebie seed from attitude anyways.
  10. Bonsai cannabis isn't always a dud. Check my sig. :)

    The freebies are usually old stock they are offloading to make room for fresher product. As such, it may have been an old seed. Still, just do what you can to maximize her happiness. Make sure the light is adequate, and be prepared for a slightly longer than advertised lifespan. She looks healthy and should reward your efforts.

    If she does not show signs of flower within another few days, you could try switching to 12/12 for 10 days. That should trigger it. Remember that she will still grow 2X-3X her size during flower.
  11. Thanks for your input GaiaGuy, and the same to everyone who replied. She finished her 5th node, and I am finally seeing what looks like teeny tiny pistils. She is in the veg closet with all cfls, but she is now under 50watts of 2700k cfl, bout to be 100watts. But I am kinda worried, because she looks like a he. It looks like the 4th node has male preflowers. Looks like two tiny balls side by side on each side of the stem, and I don't think these are tiny veg shoots.

    So I guess in this case, my autoryder just needed to catch up and hit a certain growth point before it would start to flower. The days that had passed since its germination didn't really matter that much once I stunted the hell out of it. It just had to grow out and do its thing. And now it is possible the male parts and the female parts will begin doing *their* thing. But some people *want* to stress and herm their autoryders for seeds. But I never want another seeded crop again, its so ugly.

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