Will someone look at my mini-SOG first timer!!

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  1. I started these little plants not very long ago.
    This is my first time growing anything and I
    didn't even know this place existed until 2 days
    ago. will you look at my pics and tell me what
    you would do if they were yours? Everyone says
    use the search button but really that has only
    confused me more!!! I can tell you anything
    you want to know about them if it will help..
    Thank you in avanced...

    ps I don't even know what a SOG is??

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  2. ah dude u fucked up. 1 plant per pot! try to put them in seperate pots. later on u need stronger lights. more cfls
  3. Yeah you definitely need 1 plant per cup/pot.

    Also give us more details about your setup!
  4. Can I separate them out now?
    I don't have much of a setup
    I used miracle grow moisture control
    soil and i have 3800 luminous on the lights
    and i do 12/12 lighting and that's it. I water
    as needed about every other day. I really
    dont know if i am doing the right thing with 12/12
    I dont know when or what nutes to get and when
    to feed. I am a total newb just getting going on
    some cheep seeds. I guess I am off to start seperating.
    thanks guys for helping me out. out of 3000 people that
    were on last night you helped and thats awesome!
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    12/12 light is not appropriate for seedings. Why not changing the light cycle to 24/0 or 18/6? 12/12 light cycle is for flowering: besides it will take longer to grow in maturity.

    You will not need nutes or ferts for three weeks after the seedling sprouts: ferts the plants too early will definitely give them the nute burns..

    Good luck.
  6. I have 36 plants that are alive. I
    am going to separate them out today
    how big of cup should I put them in and
    should I change soils while I am doing
    it or should I just continue with what I
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    More light and use 6500K cfl's. Your plants are stretching for the light so lower to within 2" if using cfl's.
    You need more soil in the cups and drainage holes on each side of cup with one plant per cup.
    You may as well transplant into larger pots now, as you only want one plant per pot
    You can feed 1/4 strength nutes 2-3 weeks after transplant and see how your plants respond and only feed every other watering. Enough water to see visable runoff through drain holes and don't over, or under water.The weight of your pots after watering and when dry will give a good idea as to a watering schedule. You can also put your finger an inch or so into the top of soil and if it's moist it's ok. Plant need to almost dry out between watering
    You also need to ph balance your water to create a soil ph of 6.4-6.8
  8. I am still a newb so let me understand this right?
    try changing my lighting cycle to 24/o or 18/6
    means 24hrs of light or 18 hours of light and 6 hours dark?
  9. yep standard veg time bro..i use 24/0
    when you want to flower then switch to 12/12
  10. Since they have been little babys they
    have been on 12/12 so should I gradually
    go to 18/6 then go to 24/0 or does it really
    matter can I just leave them on 24/0 ? thanks
    again to everyone i am learning so much. what
    started as a little science project has truly turned
    into a labor of love!!
  11. I forgot to ask. I am going to
    move the plants to one per pot
    and wanted to get a soil recomendation?
    what I started them in is mirical grow
    moisture control. Should I stay with that
    or mix in something else when I transplant?
  12. You could swap em to 24/0 right away, but I tend to be overly cautious. I would go 18/6 for a day, then to 20/4 for a day, then to 24/0.

    1 plant per cup, and get those lights as close as possible without burning.

    get that pH in order asap. Normally, I try to get the pH in the 6.5-6.8 range before I put germinated seeds into the soil.

    However, a grow-ago, I said f*** it and just put the germinated seeds in without worrying about it... 2 weeks in and it bit me in the a**.

    Oh, and that's a lot of plants. Are you moving them outside?
  13. I had not planned on moving them outside.
    I had a buddy give me the seeds out of his
    crappy weed and I thought hell I will grow
    a little and after reading I realized I think
    I have way way way too many plants...
    and its probabbly crap weed :(
  14. A SOG is Sea Of Green, which you do not have.

    you have way to many plants under way too little light.

    the light you currently have will grow about 10 plants for 2 weeks. At that point you need to either get more light, or watch them die.

    You need a PH tester.

    I suggest reading some indoor grow guides.
  15. Continue to grow them out until they show their sex, then ony keep the healthiest females if you have space/lighting constaints. Also most ppl will tell you that Miracle Gro is absolute shit, while I partly agree, it can be used with pretty good results. MG Moisture Control is the best MG to use. Just keep in mind that MG is hot (heavily fertilized) so you're not gonna need to feed your plants much if even at all. My first three grows were outdoors in 5gal buckets using MG MC, I only fed the plants at 1/4-1/2 strength a couple times during flowering and harvested 2-4oz/ plant. Using MG you probably shouldn't feed at all during veg as the soil has plenty of nutes to sustain the plants for a good 2-3months, otherwise you risk burning them.
  16. dude you had really good intentions but check it out i have noticed when i was younger and growin ditch weed under those long tube flouros it was nothing but trouble...most crap weed are tropical sativas that are imported from you guessed it the tropics even for just one of those plants to grow indoors you will need a retarded amount of light....i mean you wont want that electric bill and not only that sativa's take forever to mature and under such a weak light you will end up with 1 female survivor that buds but the bud will be puny or it will end up like a really leafy bud that looks mainly like leaves with a couple hairs pokin out.....you should maybe think of gorilla growin those ones carefully out doors you do have that retardedly powerful light. next time befor you grow i would realy suggest checking out a couple of indoor cannabis horticulture books in fact b4 i had a decently sucessful garden indoors i ended up having to read closet cultivator about a dozen times and allways had that book in my garden for quick reference...also as far as soil goes dude. you can either pay a buttload or pay a little but remember you get what you pay for and if you pay jack crap for dirt you will get crappy dirt but i would highly suggest you try this crop outdoors cuz if it was of some crud weed the strain is prolly more acclamated to the outdoors.
  17. I am sorry I am a newb and I was being sarcastic
    by saying mini-sog. It just sounded better than a
    mini-sea of I don't know what I am doing. I have been
    reading indoor growing guides but it seems the more
    I read the more things that contradict one another and
    I thought since this board was for beginners I would
    show what I have thus far and get some experienced
    input to get better results than what I have. I have
    gotten some really good advice so far and I am
    working on correcting the problems that everyone
    has pointed out. Thanks again everyone for your
    help I am transplanting now and doing 24/0 and
    I am getting a ph tester and more lights!!

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