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Will smoking this way work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by maryjane25, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    Ok so if you guys remember, two weeks ago I bought 4 grams. I rolled a 1 gram blunt and I smoked it in my room with tons of fans, sploofs, windows open, doors covered, while I was covered with a bunch of blankets and I got caught by my parents and it was horrible.

    After that I burned on the down low with some friends and now I just have a big spliff left. I threw away all my pipes and everything when I got caught because I was a mess and I didnt know what I was doing.

    I decided I am gonna quit burning but I wanna get completley trashed one more time.

    All I have right now is:

    1) .5 spliff
    2) a lighter (barely works but enough gas to light the spliff)
    3) a bottle

    I can't make a bong or pipe because this lighter won't be able to light bowl after bowl but it will be able to light the spliff.

    But spliffs smell WAYY too much.

    So I thought ... what if I light the spliff, and I drop it in a DRY bottle and I close the bottle. Spliffs are always burning with tons of smoke coming out, so what if I drop it in a bottle, let the bottle fill up with smoke, and then toke that, then cap it again and let it fill up?

    I would use a gravity bong but I don't have a proper bowl or lighter.

    Will this way work? Will it produce much smell? I am thinking of just sitting in the shower and doing this and blowing down the drain and staying in the room until the smoke clears up and spraying some body spray
  2. It would just go out. It needs oxygen to burn
  3. The j wont burn in the bottle because there wont be enough oxygen for it to burn:(
  4. There might not be enough oxygen in the bottle to keep it burning?
  5. The lit joint will burn a hole in the bottom of the plastic bottle, then you'll end up inhaling plastic fumes. I really wouldn't try it.
  6. Don't smoke in the house... thats the best way to avoid the smell. Also don't give up on weed! DON'T QUIT!
  7. smart idea, but the ember will burn through the plastic no doubt.

    Open joint inside will ALWAYS result in a smelly room. Regardless of your precautions. I used to hang out side my window with the window close around my legs so i wasnt even in my room hahah. That worked, but was a little sketchy and i could only do it at night

    Honestly man make a fall setup, buy a new lighter and make a sploof and you'll be fine.

    Just go outside for this time...

    oh and there;s NO way you can blow smoke down a drain hahah best bet in bathroom smoking is into the fan if you have one.

    Not meaning disrespect with this comment: new smokers like yourself shouldnt try indoor smoking straight up. Especially when the stakes are high... keep it outdoors untill you understand it enough/ have the common sense to devise a way to do it stealthy.

    Sorry for my honesty, but its what i believe. Best of luck brother, i hope it works out!
  8. make a nater... only need to light it once
  9. what is a nater
  10. Just go down your street late at night, puff it then go back to your house.
  11. you're trying way too hard to smoke in your room.. clearly that's a bad idea and it's not going to work very well. just step outside your house for 5 mins to smoke it, why is that so hard?
  12. Go outside?
  13. I've been smoking for so long, I've done everything, blunts, pipes, bongs, waterfall/gravity bong rips, it's just ever since I got caught I've changed a lot and I am super super careful.

    I can't go outside because my dad is actually awake downstairs and will be and I am not allowed to randomly go outside because they are watching me super hard and when I come back in he will obviously ask what I'm doing and then catch me ripped...

    There has to be some way I can get TRASHED off this spliff without getting caught without having to go outside... right now my dad thinks I'm asleep and my mom is going out in a few hours (its 9 PM right now).

    There is an idea I have, in my room near my window there is a small closet, it's not an actual closet and it's not completley air tight but its like a very very very very small room I can fit inside and seal airtight and its right next to my window. I might be able to just do the spliff in there ...
  14. Yeah I had the same shit happen to me. Towel under door, music, fan on and everything. One hit from my bongski and 30 seconds later my parents were knocking on my door like "OPEN THE FUCK UP! WE SMELL WEED". They proceeded to make me smash my 1/4 and bong in front of them. Horrible and humiliating.

    Bad shit.

    I learned just to go outside, in and out through a windows since all my doors were dumbs squeaky. Make sure you wash your hands when you get back in case mom decides to sniff ya in your unconsciousness. (happened to me too).
    happy toking!

    Edit: So you're upstairs? Is there a roof section next to you?
  15. I would go outside if I could, but I can't. I actually can't. It's like I'm on probation, my parents forgave me because they thought I was just trying it. If I go outside my dad WILL ask where I am going, and when I come back I WILL be high. My dads drunk right now so if I go downstairs he'll probably start cussing at me.
  16. I smoke in my closet, but i use a bong theyre much more concealable in terms of smell...

    How big is this window, and what floor are you on?

    If you can open your window and sit on the sill, youre golden. i used to smoke joints hangin outside my window all the time. I would close my window on my legs so no smoke could get inside. Its pretty fun, but you need the right size/type of window and if youre facing the street it might be a little sketch...

    You seem determined, the least we can do is give you our best advice... even if it doesnt work out :D
  17. Honestly I'm gonna get high tonight one way or another, even if I end up having to set my timer for 3:00AM and wake up and smoke when everyones asleep.

    My window is pretty big but it has a screen so I can't actually step out of it.. it's really high up anyways.

    I don't have dryer sheets either which sucks. I was thinking of building a sploof (with toilet paper drenched in axe), and lighting the spliff in the small closet and toking it non stop, because last time I got caught because too much smoke was coming out the other end, but whenever your pulling all the smoke in, so what if I just keep toking like crazy, and then blow through the sploof?

    And I just remembered that when I got caught, my window was open and I was holding the spliff up to it the entire time AND I was blowing out the window the entire time too.
  18. Blow your smoke through like 2 dryer sheets. Lol

    Edit: Sorry, didn't notice you didn't have any? Lol
  19. Why don't you "go drop off your friends wallet that was left in your car", and smoke the spliff while doing a few circles in the community. Leave your windows open and spray some cologne on you. You're dad shouldn't say shit.

  20. You actually don't understand how my dad is, it won't work.

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