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Will paint fumes harm buds?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by LedFun, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. In all the years I've grown weed, I've never had a time I needed to use paint near my flowering ladies.

    Now I have two new rooms I want to paint, but have 3 weeks left on this crop that is about 10 feet from where I would be painting and that paint drying.

    Has anyone painted near their grow and did it affect the health or taste of the buds?

    Until I know more, I plan on waiting until after harvest when the drying plants will be in another room
  2. Well, 16 hours and no one has replied yet. Over the years, I guess I've probably known at least a few hundred growers, and I've never heard this discussion come up. I imagine that most growers just shy away from doing anything that comes with a very strong chemical odor around thier flowering plants.

    It'll be interesting to see if *anyone* replies and says that they HAVE done it and what the results were.

    I did a search on the web and found only one person who posted that they had. All their post said was that they had "disastrous results". No details.

    That was enough for me to NOT try it, but to seek out anyone else who had for more details.
  3. I hear ya on that one man ^^ they waste their time looking at your thread and not bother to say anything, whatever their loss really. But, id probably say it would, not 100% sure but common sense tells me it might. Plants need constant fresh air, paint fumes are not fresh air lol, idk you could give it a shot but chances are youll be disappointed. And if thats what your search said then it must not be good lol

    Hope I helped a little bit
  4. Yes, paint fumes will harm the plants. paint contains VOC or Volatile organic compounds. i think that is self explanatory that it is bad by the name. although there is a way around it if you need to paint. now there are "no voc paint" look for them at your local paint store. they will cost a lot more but the advantages: wont harm your plants nearly as much if at all, wont harm you as much or at all, No nasty lingering paint smell. Disadvantages: cost, Coverage is worse it might take two coats, will still raise the humidity so extra ventilation is still required.

    I recommend the no voc or at least low voc paint. its better for you the environment and your plants
  5. Thanks for the information, wert. You've just taught me something new!

    Yep, that's what I figure also, Steve. I've decided to harvest the current crop, move the rooting clones and the Host Plants into another area for a few days and paint. No risk that way. I'll let it dry for a couple days and then put the Can-Filter100 on for a couple more after that to rid the room of any remaining fumes.

    I'm so close to harvest, it'd be a shame to mess it up now. Only 15 days to go till the chop.

    Thanks for both of you guys comments.
  6. YES , it will kill them ,i know from experience it will, they will wither up and die , I'm not proud of this :confused_2: but when i was a kid like 14 or 15 we were huffing spray paint and i had two plants in my room , the next day they were dead,to this day i have never seen a plant take a dive like those did,what i get for doing that dumb shit
  7. Glad to see you survived the mistakes of your youth, Herb Pharmer.

    I'm using regular unpressurized, canned paint. The chemicals in pressurized paints are another class beyond what I'm using. Even worse!

    I've decided to NOT paint the room with any plants in the area. I'll be moving them out of the area for a couple days until the paint has dried.
  8. I'd like to bring this question up again. Since I've just painted my room with the plants outside of it for 18 hours while I let it dry. Since then any plant that has been in there has shown some sort of issue, including a peace lily, two tomato plants, etc. I'm trying to dial in on the issue but I'm wondering if the fumes are still in there a week later. I can smell it very faintly..but we'll see.
  9. Yup it's bad for all living things to breathe. I would say you made the right choice by holding off until your crop is one. Only way I would chance it is if my plants were in a sealed tent with an intake I could install a filter on.

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